“Laugh or Die!”

This past weekend “Cabin of Errors” (formerly known as “Summer Cabin”) was an official selection of the “Laugh or Die Comedy Festival” in Peoria, Illinois.  Producers William R. Farley, Isaac Platizky, and Sam Platizky attended.  We were nominated for “Best Writer” (Isaac Platizky), “Best Director” (Sean Feuer), and “Best Feature Film.”  We are proud andContinue reading ““Laugh or Die!””

“Yellow Scare” Updates 6/8/17

As I get ready to leave for Peoria, IL for the 2017 Laugh Or Die Comedy Fest for “Cabin of Errors” it occurs to me that I haven’t updated people on “Yellow Scare” in awhile.  I’ll try to update more regularly, but the movie wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for you and people likeContinue reading ““Yellow Scare” Updates 6/8/17″