Artist Spotlight: Mariette Marino

Next up we have Mariette Marino, the choreographer & Soo King of Yellow Scare. Tell the readers a little about yourself.  I am a dancer, choreographer, actor, & business woman living in Bayonne, NJ. Originally from Jersey City, I credit my all around dance style and personally to my upbringing with diverse influences. I amContinue reading “Artist Spotlight: Mariette Marino”

Artist Spotlight: Jenna Kildosher

Next up, we have the actress who’s worked on more things with us than any other actress. Jenna Kildosher! Thanks for doing this. Tell the readers a little about yourself. Sure! I love/hate talking about myself so it’s the perfect amount of self-indulgence and self-punishment. I’ve been with NBF for a while now. During that timeContinue reading “Artist Spotlight: Jenna Kildosher”

Artist Spotlight: Maglinda Perez

Next up is NBF’s Head of Production Design, Maglinda (Maggie) Perez, a title that she earned from helping with set dressing Cabin of Errors in one scene to co-Production Designing Yellow Scare to become our first head of that department. Give our readers a breakdown of how you want from an actress in Lost andContinue reading “Artist Spotlight: Maglinda Perez”