2018 Hoboken IFF

On Saturday, May 19th at 2pm, “Yellow Scare” will be making its film festival premiere at the 2018 Hoboken International Film Festival. This festival takes place in GREENWOOD LAKE, NY. It does not take place in Hoboken as the name suggests. I do not know why this is, but Greenwood Lake actually looks really nice, … More 2018 Hoboken IFF

“Girl in the Basement” Another Short Wrapped

On Saturday, the talented folks at Narrow Bridge Films wrapped production on “The Girl in the Basement,” a short horror film written & directed by Isaac Platizky. It now enters post-production. This marks the completion of NBF’s 9th short film. We also have 2 other shorts in post-production and one other short that is finished … More “Girl in the Basement” Another Short Wrapped

Amazon Prime

As you may be able to tell from the above image, “Cabin of Errors” is now officially available to watch on Amazon Prime. This is in addition being able to buy it on DVD on Amazon, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart, and digitally on Amazon, XBox, Google Play, and soon – iTunes. Even … More Amazon Prime

A December Update

It has been a little while since my last update. Since then: “Yellow Scare” has been 100% finished! We made the changes we felt we needed to after our screening, and we have submitted the movie to 24 film festivals throughout the world (so far). Cross your fingers for us. We had a 1st makeup … More A December Update

What’s Next? 

Our test screening for “Yellow Scare” is already a week in the past. So, what’s next for Narrow Bridge Films? On the “Yellow Scare” front, we made a few adjustments based on what we (and others) saw at the test screening. So, thank you to everyone who provided us feedback. We will now be submitting … More What’s Next? 


At our test screening for “Yellow Scare,” we also premiered the trailers for the short films “Cupid’s First Day” and “Click Send.” CUPID’S FIRST DAY When Clarence, an unlucky employee at the Fantastical Beings Agency, is reassigned to be the newest Cupid, things go from bad to worse. If he can’t get James & Stephanie … More TRAILERS!

One Day More

In 2010, I had the crazy idea to make a feature length film with 0 producing or filmmaking experience. I wrote a script, and wanted to star in it and get it made. That’s all I knew. At the time, I wasn’t thinking about making any film beyond that one. I had a naive hope … More One Day More