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Howdy! So, if you’ve been following our social media pages, you’ll have seen that “Yellow Scare” is now available to stream on Amazon Prime.

It joins our feature Cabin Of Errors and Cupid’s First Day.

While this is very cool, and allows our films to be seen by people who may not otherwise know us, we do need YOUR help.

Amazon’s algorithms are based a lot on views and reviews. An indie film like ours, with good reviews and views will show up in more peoples’ searches and recommendations. An indie film with few views (or views where people stop watching before the film is finished) and bad reviews may wind up in fewer searches/recommendations and it may even wind up being pulled completely from Prime. (It happened to our horror short “Click Send,” and we’re still not 100% sure why.)

A lot of great people worked very hard on these movies and they deserve to have their work seen by the world. YOU can help that happen.

So, give these movies a watch. If you like em, give em a good review. If you don’t, it can be our little secret. ūüėČ

AUGUST 2020 Updates

Wow. It has been awhile since we’ve updated. But we have a few things:


  • FIRST,¬†Yellow Scare¬†is now available to watch on Amazon Prime. So, you can stream it for free if you have an account, you can rent/buy it digitally, and you can purchase it on DVD/Bluray.
  • We had a fun virtual time at the 2020 Gen Con Film Festival. FIRST! and I’VE GOT YOU BEAT were Official Selections.
  • I’VE GOT YOU BEAT, LAST REHEARSAL OF THE DANGEROUS KITTEN, FIRST!, and Sam Platizky’s screenplay OFF-SCRIPT are all Official Selections at the 2020 Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase, which may take place in October.
  • YELLOW SCARE won Outstanding Achievement Awards for Narrative Feature, Best Actor (Sam Platizky), and Feature Screenplay at the Tagore International Film Festival.
  • ¬†I’VE GOT YOU BEAT won Outstanding Achievement Awards for Director (William R. Farley), Best Actor (Isaac Platizky), and Comedy Short at the Tagore International Film Festival.
  • CUPID’S FIRST DAY won an Outstanding Achievement Award for Short Film at the Tagore International Film Festival.


  • Finally, we will be returning to filming next week with a new horror short that will be a part of our horror anthology – THE GOOD HOST written by Isaac & Sam Platizky, Directed by Isaac Platizky, and starring Esther Ayomide Akinsanya, Casey Okamoto, Stephanie Alvarez, Alyssa Joanlanne, Dan Gregory, and Sam Platizky. William R Farley will DP, Joey Mosca will run lights and sound, and Sami Saad will be AC.


Well, that’s all. We hope that you and your loved ones are doing well during these crazy times. If you want a laugh, make sure to watch¬†Yellow Scare¬†on Prime and if you like it, PLEASE leave a review.




NBF is here for you.

Howdy. What a crazy time we are living in, huh? I am not going to lie. I’ve always dealt with anxiety in my life, but lately it has reached new heights. I am scared for my friends and family. I am scared for the country. I am scared for the world. I wish there was something that I could do…

During this time, one of the things that takes my mind off of everything is the entertainment I watch. There are plenty of TV shows and movies that I have been watching and will watch over the days and weeks to come. Entertainment is a wonderful thing during this strange time. It’s where we go to lose ourselves and seek comfort.

Now, almost our entire catalogue is up for you to view on our website and Amazon Prime, but I wish there was something more that I could do.

And so…


I wrote a series of monologues that deal with this unique moment in our lives that are going to be performed remotely by a truly amazing group of actors (from the comfort and safety) of their own homes. That will be coming soon.

bluray cover_final

YELLOW SCARE, as you may know, is going to be released on DVD, Blu-Ray, and Digital on Wednesday, March 25th. As long as Amazon is still shipping things like this, you should be able to order and get your own copy. If not, you can rent or buy it digitally on Amazon.

It¬†was scheduled to stream on Amazon Prime on May 25th. This was to give the DVD and Blu Ray enough time to sell before we started streaming… But right now, we at Narrow Bridge Films feel that it is more important to try and entertain you… We want to make you laugh. And so, Yellow Scare will drop on Amazon Prime on Wednesday, April 1st.


FINALLY, one more thing. One of our latest shorts,¬†I’ve Got You Beat, is currently making its festival rounds… BUT… We are going to share it with you starting… right now. We hope you enjoy.

I’ve Got You Beat Vimeo from Sam Platizky on Vimeo.


Beyond this, we will try to find new ways to entertain you through these dark times, so stay tuned. We appreciate your support, and wish you all nothing but the best.


Sam Platizky, Founder                                                                                                                     Narrow Bridge Films






This weekend is the WINTER 2020 BRIGHTSIDE TAVERN SHORTS FILM FEST at the Brightside Tavern in Jersey City, NJ.

Narrow Bridge has THREE films in the festival.

On Saturday, February 29th, Last Rehearsal of the Dangerous Kitten will screen at 6pm.

On Sunday, March 1st, Episode 7: Compromise Lost will screen at 11:15am and Cupid’s First Day will screen at 4:15pm.

Last Rehearsal…¬†is nominated for BEST COMEDY & BEST NJ COMEDY.¬†Cupid’s First Day is nominated for BEST NJ COMEDY.¬†Lost & Found: Compromise Lost¬†is nominated for BEST NJ SHORT DRAMA.

BONUS: Our friend, first time writer/director Jayleen S. Perez’s short film¬†Karmen is screening at 11:30am on Sunday, March 1st and is nominated for BEST DIRECTOR -DRAMA; BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS (Alexandra Faye Sadeghian – making her NBF debut in the opening segment of our horror anthology); and BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR (some newcomer named Hashtag Daniel Michael Gregory – maybe we can get him in a NBF project one day).


SO. Come on out to the Brightside Tavern. Have a few drinks. Grab a bite to eat. Watch some movies. Etc.



Watch, Review, and Share

There have been times in the past where we have had crowd funding campaigns and asked people for contributions to our films. There have been times where we have asked you to buy our films on DVDs & Blu-Rays.

But there are ways that you can help Narrow Bridge Films that don’t cost you anything at all!

WATCH: Watch our films. We have a majority of films right here on the website that you can stream for free. We also have a few things on Amazon Prime that you can watch if you have a membership there (Cabin of Errors, Cupid’s First Day, Click Send, and – on May 25th – Yellow Scare).

REVIEW: You can review our movies on Amazon.com! You can review the movies that we have on sale on DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital and you can review our movies that are streaming on Prime. A good review doesn’t just tell someone else what you thought… A good review affects Amazon’s sharing algorithm. A well-reviewed movie will show up more often in peoples’ searches and recommendations. Now, not everyone is going to have the same opinion on a movie. We have gotten, and will get, bad reviews on our projects. It sucks, but it happens. Not everyone’s tastes are the same, and with comedies especially… Not everyone’s sense of humor is the same. If you liked what you saw, a good review from you takes very little time, costs no money, and helps weigh against any bad reviews we may get.

SHARE: If you like what you saw, simply copy & paste the link to it on one or more of your social media pages. Got Facebook? Share! Twitter? Share! Instagram? Share! Whatever you got. There are people who see your posts that will not see posts from us. Anyone of those people is a potential new fan for us.


bluray cover_final

YELLOW SCARE, our 4th feature length film, will be available to purchase on DVD, Blu-Ray, and digital on Amazon on March 25, 2020. You can pre-order the DVD here & the Blu-Ray here.

This will be our very first film available on Blu-Ray, and you won’t want to miss it. It comes with a hilarious blooper reel, the extended version of the Ballad of Sum Ting Wong, and the entire Rex Steel & the PC Officer webseries that we filmed as a prequel to the film as part of our crowdfunding campaign.

Yellow Scare was filmed in April and May of 2016, and has gone on quite a journey since then. We had a test screening in October of 2017 at Frank’s Theatre in Bayonne, NJ, followed by a successful festival run where we won BEST COMEDY, THE FOUNDERS’ AWARD, and BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR (Dan Gregory) at the 2018 Golden Door IFF. We won BEST “FOREIGN” SCI-FI FEATURE at the 2018 Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase. We won BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS (Mila Milosevic) at the 2018 Hoboken IFF. And we were nominated for a slew of other awards at festivals throughout the country.¬†

This was a journey that begin into my head in the summer of 2012 and evolved for several years before we decided, in 2015, to crowdfund and film it in 2016. This journey was the biggest production we have ever filmed, and took us to festivals all over the country.

I am immensely proud of this film. I am proud and thankful of every single person who was a part of it. I am very excited for you all to see it.

As with anything we do, VIEWS, SALES,  & REVIEWS are vital to its success. So, pre-order it now. Buy it when it comes out. Watch it & review it. And SHARE the links with all of your friends and families.


Sam Platizky


Yellow Scare

YS ad


A Valentine’s Double Feature


Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our fans. You know that we love you & we hope your V-Day and V-Day weekend are as amazing as you are.

If you find yourself wanting to watch something this weekend, why not have a double feature of Cupid’s First Day & Cabin of Errors?

And if you love us back, make sure to leave us a lovely review on Amazon. Every good review helps us a little.


The NBF Family

A 2020 Update!

Holy moley! It is already 2020, and we haven’t updated things in a little while, so here is a brief update on all things NBF:

  • Since our last post, Billy, Isaac, and I went to the 2019 American Film Market in Santa Monica, and had a lot of very good meetings.


  • We are just about done with the first cut of the wraparound story for our horror anthology,¬†Tales from the Narrow Bridge.
  • And speaking of the horror anthology, we will be filming the next segment for it this weekend!¬†The Clean Up is written by Isaac Platizky and will be directed by William R. Farley. Sami Saad is AC, Joey Mosca is the light & sound guru, and Maglinda Perez is our talented AF production designer and SFX mistress. The short stars Steph Marie Alvarez, Isaac Platizky, Sam Platizky, Carlos Rivero, Eva Visco, Sami Saad, and Maglinda Perez.
  • Narrow Bridge will be representing at the Winter/Spring 2020 Brightside Short Film Festival February 29th and March 1 with 3 shorts: Episode 7: Compromise Lost,¬†Cupid‚Äôs First Day, and¬†Last Rehearsal of the Dangerous Kitten.
  • Finally, we should have news regarding the release of one of our projects within the next few weeks. So, stay tuned!


HAPPY HALLOWEEN! For the last few years, we have tried to premiere things on Halloween. And this year, we have TWO never-before-seen things to share with you.

Here is the WORLD PREMIERE of the sizzle reel/trailer for MONSTER MASH.

And as an added bonus, another world premiere. TALES FROM THE NARROW BRIDGE, our feature length horror anthology.



We hope you enjoyed those looks at some upcoming NBF features. We will be bringing both of these trailers with us to the American Film Market in two weeks.

If you’d like to help us out, go on ahead and LIKE/FOLLOW us on social media:




Do that, and please share these pages with your friends and families. The better our numbers, the better we will look when we meet with Distribution & Financing companies at the AFM.




Hendrickson’s Corner


Hendrickson’s Corner (Long) from Sam Platizky on Vimeo.


Hendrickson’s Corner has long been supportive of Narrow Bridge Films. They allowed us to film a scene from¬†Cabin of Errors¬†there. They allowed us to film a scene from¬†Yellow Scare there. And most recently, they allowed us to film a scene from one of our Horror Anthology segments there (Mirrors).

Last March, Hendrickson’s had a fire in their kitchen that put them out of commission for 6 months. Only the bar has been open in the meantime. We are very excited that Hendrickson’s has recently reopened (soft reopening with a grand reopening on October 19th).

We love the food there. We love the people there. And we had a wonderful time making these commercials there.

We edited a few different versions of the commercial. Here are three of them.

Hendrickson’s Corner (Short) from Sam Platizky on Vimeo.


Hendrickson’s Corner (Short – Evergreen) from Sam Platizky on Vimeo.


Filmed by Narrow Bridge Films
Directed by: Sam Platizky
Assistant Director: William R. Farley
Cinematography by: Sami Saad
Production Lights & Sound by: Joey Mosca
Edited by: Sam Platizky

Childhood by Scott Buckley | soundcloud.com/scottbuckley
Music promoted by free-stock-music.com
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License