Help us finish Tales from the Narrow Bridge!

Well, it took us a little longer than we intended, but a few weeks ago we wrapped principal photography on our horror anthology – Tales from the Narrow Bridge: The Wyrmwood Devil.

We are now in post-production, and we could use a little help. Post-production costs include:

  • Original Score – A horror movie can be made or broken with its score, and we would very much not like to be broken thank you.
  • SFX – We are hoping to add some special effects to the film to enhance some of the horror aspects of it.
  • Sound design
  • Color correction
  • E&O Insurance & Quality Check (QC) – These are two things that we will need to pay for once we get distribution.
  • Film Festival entry fees
  • And if we can somehow raise enough money, we will attempt to get a name actor to cameo in the movie to help our chances of success even more.

If you go to, you can donate to our Indiegogo campaign and help us with all of that. Every dollar helps.

In exchange for your kind contribution, you will receive perks like autographed posters, shirts, DVD’s, digital copies of the film, and more.

And please do not hesitate to share the crowdfunding campaign with your friends and families.

NBF at GDIFF 9.5

Our first film, Blaming George Romero, was released in 2011. One of the first film festivals it was screened at was the 1st annual Golden Door IFF.

Since then, we have screened a film at almost every Golden Door IFF. Bill & Michele Sorvino, along with everyone who works with them have created a film festival environment that is more filmmaker friendly than a lot of other festivals.

Unfortunately, due to Covid, the 2020 GDIFF (which was supposed to be the 10th anniversary) was postponed. This week, Golden Door will be having, what they are calling the 9.5, and it will be virtual. We have two projects screening in it.

I’ve Got You Beat is screening as a part of the Local Film Block & First is screening as a part of the Adult Comedy Block.

There is an Audience Choice Award this year which means that YOU can help us win! Buy a ticket, and vote for one of our films.

You can buy tickets HERE.

Amazon, the IFT, and Festivals!

Oh my! A lot to unpack today.

First, some good news! Narrow Bridge has been recognized by the Tagore IFF Sun of the East Awards with several nominations including: BEST ACTOR – Sam Platizky (Yellow Scare), BEST ACTOR – Isaac Platizky (I’ve Got You Beat), BEST DIRECTOR – William R. Farley (I’ve Got You Beat), BEST NARRATIVE FEATURE (Yellow Scare), BEST FEATURE SCREENPLAY (Yellow Scare), and BEST SHORT COMEDY (I’ve Got You Beat).

We also have to shout out our friends at Cross the Line Productions & Maniac Productions for their Sun of the East Award nominations for: BEST DIRECTOR – Jayleen S. Perez (Karmen), BEST ACTRESS – Loarina Gonzalez (Karmen), BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR – Dan Gregory (Karmen), BEST ACTOR – Joey Mosca (The IIFF), BEST DIRECTOR – Joey Mosca & Dan Gregory (The IIFF), and BEST COMEDY SHORT (The IIFF).

Now, for the less good news. A few years ago, Amazon presented itself as a supporter of independent film. However, over the last year or so, they have shown that that is not the case. First, Click Send was completely taken down from Prime. Then they announced that they would no longer be accepting short films to Prime. Then, they announced that their Media on Demand side of the business was closing, which meant that there would be no more DVD’s/BluRays after June 1. Finally, today, we found out that they removed Cabin of Errors & Yellow Scare from Prime.

Now, you can still rent/buy the films digitally (for now), but Amazon Prime subscribers can no longer stream them as a part of their subscription.

It is extremely discouraging, but Amazon Prime is a business, and even though they have made billions and billions during the pandemic alone, they decided that somehow they couldn’t afford to have indie films on their service any longer.

But that opens the door for other streaming services that actually do care about indie film.

Starting on April 20th, the Indie Film Theater Network will launch. Some of our extremely talented friends are a part of this, and they have invited us along on the journey. So… THREE NBF films will be streaming on IFT. Two of the three will be exclusive to IFT, and will be streaming for the first time outside of the festival circuit. We’ll post more details as we get closer to the launch.

Finally, tomorrow we are scheduled to finish production of Tales from the Narrow Bridge: The Wyrmwood Devil! We will be shooting the segment The Devil’s Threeway, Directed by Sami Saad; Written by Isaac & Sam Platizky; Lights & Sound by Joey Mosca; Starring: Alannah McCord, Rivers Duggan, and Carlos Rivero.

After that, we will move into post production, and we MIGHT be asking you for some help with that… But more on that later.

Stay tuned!


A few days ago, we announced that Amazon was closing its “Media On Demand” arm. That means anyone who relies on it to sell their DVD’s will be out of luck. We rely on it to sell our DVD’s.

So, as of June 4th, Blaming George Romero, Red Scare, and Yellow Scare will no longer be available on DVD… unless we find another option.

I decided to put them all on sale for the remaining time. And Cabin of Errors is already on sale! So, for the first time ever, you can own the complete NBF Feature collection for $30! (If you choose the Yellow Scare BluRay over the DVD, $35.)

NBF Sale!!!!

Blaming George Romero

Red Scare

Cabin of Errors

Yellow Scare on DVD

Yellow Scare on BluRay

We put so much work into these movies. You can still stream them all after June 4, but streaming feels so temporary and intangible. Own hard copies and own pieces of NBF history.


Before Narrow Bridge Films, I did a good amount of background work. “I am Legend,” “War of the Worlds,” “Julie and Julia,” etc… And whenever those movies came out, I would buy it on dvd.

When I first started Narrow Bridge Films, one of the things I had in mind was, I wanted movies where I was a principal role on my DVD shelf.

I like DVD’s. I like hard copy media. Streaming is all well and good, but there is something about OWNING a copy that I have always loved… And up until this point, we have been able to have our self-produced movies on DVD for sale on Amazon. They bring in virtually nothing per copy, but I have always liked the idea of having my films available to buy on DVD.

I just got an email from Amazon saying that they are canceling this process. No more “Media On Demand” DVD’s from Amazon, which means that starting on June 4th of this year, you will not be able to buy NBF films on DVD from Amazon. I will look for alternatives, but that doesn’t work, and you want DVD copies of NBF movies, buy them now.

I will be ordering a bunch of copies of each film so that I have them on hand if I ever need them. Ordering links are below. I am not sure if “Cabin of Errors” will be included in this cancelation, but I will look into that as well. You may want to buy a copy just in case.

It is a small thing, but this makes me sad.

Blaming George Romero
Red Scare
Yellow Scare
Cabin of Errors

NJ Film Awards

This came as a surprise. “Yellow Scare” took home 3 awards and 2 nominations at the New Jersey Film Awards! And “Last Rehearsal of the Dangerous Kitten” was nominated for 1 award!

Alan J. Carmona nominated for Best Cinematography!
Dan Granda was nominated for Best Original Score for Yellow Scare


Isaac Platizky was nominated for Best Actor in a Short for Last Rehearsal of the Dangerous Kitten!


Happy 2021! We hope your year has been going well so far. We are hard at work on our horror anthology, but in the meantime here is some exciting film festival news.

Yellow Scare & Last Rehearsal of the Dangerous Kitten are both Official Selections of and Finalists in the New Jersey Film Awards.

And Cabin of Errors, Cupid’s First Day, Click Send, and I’ve Got You Beat are all Official Selections of the Standalone Film Festival & Awards.

Fort Worth IFS 2020

Howdy! We’ve gone to a lot of festivals over the years, but one of our favorites has come to be the Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase!

We got into it first in 2017, but none of us could attend. Then, we got in again in 2018, and went… and then again in 2019. Between the quality of the festival, and the way that Bill Hass ran it (and the Texas food), we fell in love with the FWIFS & were very much looking forward to attending this year…

And then Covid happened. And the July festival was postponed until October. We hoped things would turn around and we’d be able to attend, but unfortunately we weren’t able to.

FIRST, I’ve Got You Beat, and Last Rehearsal of the Dangerous Kitten were all Official Selections. As was Sam Platizky’s Screenplay Off Script. First was nominated for Best “Foreign” (aka US but not Texas) Comedy Short & Off Script was nominated for Best Screenplay & Best Comedy Screenplay.

First didn’t win the award it was nominated for, but it did win a DIRECTORS’ CHOICE AWARD. And Off Script won Best Comedy Screenplay.

We are deeply honored to accept those wins, and look forward to returning to the FWIFS. Congratulations to Sam & the Cast & Crew of First and all of our Official Selections.