NBF Day 2022

Happy Narrow Bridge Films Day! For those that don’t know, back in 2018 at the Golden Door International Film Festival, we were presented with certificates from the Mayor of Bayonne, NJ (NBF’s hometown) declaring September 23 to be Narrow Bridge Films Day! And so, this is our 5th year celebrating.

Every year since, we have tried to release something special on 9/23, and this year is no different.

For the first time ever on the Narrow Bridge Films’ website, you can watch FIRST and LAST REHEARSAL OF THE DANGEROUS KITTEN for free! Previously, they were only available to watch at festivals or on the IFT Network streaming platform. You can watch them on their respective pages or just below.

Also, for the first time anywhere, you can see the latest trailer for TALES FROM THE NARROW BRIDGE. We usually like to use popular music for our trailers, but this is the first one that is completely made up of music that is in the movie created by our composers Andy Kopacz and Masatora Goya.

ALSO, you can now Rent or Buy YELLOW SCARE on Vimeo on Demand HERE. Previously, Yellow Scare has only been available on the IFT Network or on Amazon.

Finally… our first film BLAMING GEORGE ROMERO. We filmed it in 2010, and released it in 2011. Unfortunately, due to a hard drive crash, we only had a low quality version of the movie. However, a few weeks ago, we found a backup that had higher quality versions saved. But that’s not all… Joey Mosca has started the process of “remastering” the movie so that, when he has finished, we will be able to release BLAMING GEORGE ROMERO: THE ULTIMATE EDITION.

It is still early days, so we do not have more information on how and when we will be releasing this version of the movie, but stay tuned to our various social media pages for updates.

And that is all for this Narrow Bridge Films Day. As always, if you enjoy what we do, please consider sharing our projects with your friends and families. Word of mouth and sharing are the best ways to help indie companies like ours.

See you at the movies!

NJ Horror & Orlando!

“Tales from the Narrow Bridge” is now an Official Selection at the NJ Horror Con & Film Festival AND the 2022 Orlando Film Festival!

The NJ Horror Con & Film Festival takes place from Friday, 9/16 – Sunday, 9/18 at the Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City. “Tales” screens at 8pm on Friday, 9/16. Tickets are available HERE. Those are tickets for the entire Convention & Film Festival. See as many films as you like and visit the convention where you can meet some horror movie actors/filmmakers and purchase all kinds of souvenirs.

And then, the Orlando Film Festival will take place from Thursday, October 27th – Thursday, November 3rd in Orlando, FL. The exact screening day(s) and time(s) have not been posted yet, but we will update you when they are.

Congratulations to our amazing cast and crew on these Official Selections.

That’s all for now. We hope to have more exciting festival news for you soon!

Gen Con Film Festival 2022

Last week, NBF visited the Gen Con Film Festival in Indianapolis where “Tales from the Narrow Bridge” was an Official Selection!

Isaac, Joey, and Sam on the Gen Con FF red carpet.

We had a good sized screening at 11pm on Thursday, August 4th & we thought that the reaction was overall positive.

The Gen Con FF screening of “Tales.”

While there, we also participated on some panels. Isaac participated on the Film Finance Panel & the Screenwriting Panel, while Sam moderated the latter.

Film Finance Panel

We also got to screen Joey Mosca’s “Con of Cthulu,” (a short fake trailer) in the Festival’s Horror-Comedy Block. Joey actually introduced us to Gen Con & has been attending for several years now.


Beyond the festival, we got to experience the Convention itself, the Indianapolis Zoo, and the Sun King Brewery.

During a break from the Con/Fest, we made our way to the Sun King Brewery.
Adorableness at the Zoo.
If there is a zoo by a film festival, you better believe we are gonna find it and go to it.

Overall, even though we did not win anything (and the Festival doesn’t have nominations) we had a great time at this year’s Festival. And now, we’re looking forward to whatever fest is next! Stay tuned.

July 2022 Festival Update

It’s been a little while since our last update, but here is the latest on the festival journey of “Tales from the Narrow Bridge!”

At the 2022 Couch Film Festival Summer Edition, we were nominated for Best Feature Film, Dan Gregory was nominated for Best Actor in a Feature, and Megan Hoche was nominated for Best Actress in a Feature!

At the July 2022 NJ Film Awards, we won BEST ENSEMBLE, Isaac Platizky won BEST ACTOR IN A FEATURE, Maglinda Perez won BEST FX MAKEUP, and Joey Mosca won BEST SOUND DESIGN! (Also, our short comedy First won BEST CONCEPT!)

Then, on Thursday, July 21st, we attended the Bergen International Film Festival in Bergenfield, NJ. Isaac Platizky was nominated for Best Actor in a Feature. And we won BEST ENSEMBLE!!!

Next up: THE GEN CON FILM FESTIVAL. We will be in Indianapolis, Indiana next week for this one. “Tales” screens at 11pm on Thursday, August 4th. If you’re in the area, check it out!!!

Jersey City Horror Film Festival 2022

On Sunday, June 12th, “Tales from the Narrow Bridge” had its second festival screening at the Jersey City Horror Film Festival at the Brightside Tavern (where the beer is always cold).

We had a nice size screening & Q&A.

At the award show that followed Isaac Platizky won Best Actor for his work in the film!

And we won our first “Best Feature Film” award for “Tales.” This is a very special award that means a great deal to all of us. It is a testament of the hard work that every single member of our incredible and talented cast & crew put into this film over the last few years.

Excited to continue our festival run and hope that the rest of it is as fun & successful as our first two.

Thank you to Larry Rosen, CJ Cullen, and everyone who made it a great day & night.

Golden Door IFF 2022

This past weekend (5/12-5/14), the 11th Annual Golden Door International Film Festival was held in Jersey City, NJ.

After a fun opening night gala on the 12th, we had the world premiere of “Tales from the Narrow Bridge: The Wyrmwood Devil” on FRIDAY THE 13th. A spooky day for a spooky movie.

A good number of our cast & crew were able to attend (although there were a few who were sadly absent)… But our screening was a sold out, standing room only red carpet event! The reactions were positive. People laughed when they were supposed to and really seemed to enjoy.

Saturday night was the closing night awards gala… and even though, I know that each and every person involved in this movie deserves all of the awards, it was still a VERY pleasant surprise to receive as many awards and nominations as we did.

Isaac Platizky won BEST ACTOR IN A FEATURE. Jenna Kildosher won BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS. William R. Farley won BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR.

In addition to that, Megan Hoche was nominated for BEST ACTRESS IN A FEATURE. Stephanie Marie Alvarez was nominated for BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS. I (Sam Platizky) was nominated for BEST DIRECTOR. Joey Mosca was nominated for BEST CINEMATOGRAPHER. And the entire film was nominated for BEST FEATURE FILM.

Thank you to the Sorvinos (Bill & Michele) and everyone at the Golden Door Film Festival who helped to make this such an amazing weekend.

A wonderful weekend and a fantastic start to our horror anthology’s festival run. Here’s hoping that it’s a great one!

“Tales” World Premiere

It has been a long road to get to this point, but we are pleased to finally announce that Tales from the Narrow Bridge: The Wyrmwood Devil will be having its world premiere at the Golden Door International Film Festival on Friday, May 13th at 7pm at Sip Studios. You can buy your tickets to this RED CARPET EVENT right HERE.

As you may know, we started filming Tales in 2018. We developed some of the segments of the anthology at the Brazen Giant Ensemble in NYC, and continued filming through summer 2021 (with a pandemic sized pause in the middle).

We are very excited for people to get their first look at this movie that we have been working so hard on, and we hope that you can attend!


“Tales from the Narrow Bridge” Poster Designed by Ty Haberichter

The first project we ever did was a feature… Which, in hindsight, is a little crazy. And then we followed that feature with another feature. After that, we delved into the world of shorts and short episodes before we jumped into… more features. And somewhere along the way, we came up with the idea to put some horror shorts together into one feature length horror anthology.

And so, in the Fall of 2018, we started filming the short segments that would become a part of the anthology. As we worked on that, and decided on short scripts to include in the film, I (along with Isaac) adapted an old horror short I wrote called “THE HUNT” into a wraparound story that would become “THE WYRMWOOD DEVIL.”

We decided not to rush ourselves as we put this film together, and so we shot segment by segment over time… We lost a lot of time & momentum because of Covid, but fortunately that was all we lost… And we continued filming until finally wrapping all re-shoots this past summer.

We edited. We tightened. We polished. We sent the film around for notes and applied some of them. And on Tuesday, March 15th, Joey put the finishing touches on our 5th feature length film.

Blaming George Romero, Red Scare, Cabin of Errors, Yellow Scare, and now Tales From the Narrow Bridge: The Wyrmwood Devil!

7 directors. 4 writers. 8 short, horror segments and a wraparound story. (We actually filmed 10 short segments, but decided to take two of them – The Girl in the Basement and Switcheroo – and make them into their own shorts.)

As we speak, the film is exporting before we start sending it off to film festivals around the world and hopefully some good distribution.

Whatever happens with the film, I am incredibly proud of, and thankful for, every single person who played a role in the creation of the film. People in front of the camera and behind the camera. People who worked on the movie directly, and people who contributed to our Indiegogo campaign (and there were a lot of you– I know because I finished the “SPECIAL THANKS” in the end credits the other day).

I am excited for you to see what we put together. Stay tuned for film festival and screening announcements on this website and our social media pages.



One of the questions we often get is, “Where can we watch your projects?” The answer, my friends, can be found below. We hope you watch & share.

BLAMING GEORGE ROMERO: Most people may start with shorts, but our first project was a feature length zombie comedy written by Sam Platizky & Directed by Robert Lise. It can be found right here, for free, on our website. We also have a limited number of DVD’s for sale. Contact us for more information.

RED SCARE: We followed BGR up with another zombie comedy (written by Sam Platizky & directed by William Dautrick Jr.). Our second feature length film (and first award winning project) can be found right here, for free, on our website. We also have a limited number of DVD’s for sale. Contact us for more information.

TOILET PRAYERS: After two feature length films, we decided to do a series of experimental shorts. Our first short film can be found right here on our website. Written & Directed by Sam Platizky.

TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD: Our award winning 2nd short film can be found right here on our website. Written by Dan Gregory and Directed by Sean Feuer.

BLACKOUT: Sam Platizky wrote our 3rd short during Hurricane Sandy, and a few months later Joey Mosca directed it. You can view this short right here on our website.

LOST & FOUND: After we finished our features, Sam Platizky & Keith McCord came up with the idea for our first webseries. Then, we created a writers room that consisted of Sam Platizky, Isaac Platizky, and Dan Gregory. Episodes were directed by Sam Platizky, Isaac Platizky, Dan Gregory, Joey Mosca, and Tony Pineiro. The first episode can be found below, but our entire 12 episode webseries can be found right here on our website.

REX STEEL & THE PC OFFICER: You can watch this Yellow Scare prequel short (written by Isaac Platizky & Directed by Sean Feuer) right on our website.

DEVIL YOU KNOW: Isaac Platizky wrote this award winning short film & Sam Platizky directed it. It can also be found on our website.

CABIN OF ERRORS: Written by Isaac Platizky, and directed by Sean Feuer, this multi-award winning feature rom-com can be found on Tubi and Amazon Prime. You can also purchase a copy on DVD here and here. The trailer for the movie can be found below.

YELLOW SCARE: You can view our multi-award winning 4th feature length film on IFT Network or on Amazon Prime. We also have a limited number on DVD for sale. Contact us for more information. The trailer can be viewed below.

CUPID’S FIRST DAY: Written by Isaac Platizky and Directed by Sami Saad, this short can also be viewed right here.

CLICK SEND: This horrific, award winning short was written by Isaac Platizky and Directed by Joey Mosca. It can be found right here.

I’VE GOT YOU BEAT: This short (written by Isaac Platizky and Directed by William R Farley) had its festival run virtually because of the pandemic. We put it up to view at the start of the pandemic to give people something new to view and you can still view it right here.

LAST REHEARSAL OF THE DANGEROUS KITTEN: This award winning short (written by Dan Gregory and Jenna Kildosher and Directed by William R. Farley) can be viewed on the IFT Network. A short teaser can be viewed below.

FIRST! Written by Sam Platizky & Directed by Sam Platizky and William R Farley, this short had the majority of its festival run virtually because of the pandemic. You can view it on IFT Network. A short teaser can be found below.

GHOST TOUR: Ghost Tour was filmed in 2018, but finished in 2021 after delays caused by other filming priorities and a global pandemic. It had its festival premiere at Gen Con 2021 and premiered it on Halloween 2021 on our website.

TALES FROM THE NARROW BRIDGE: THE WYRMWOOD DEVIL: Our 5th feature length film is a horror anthology written by Sam Platizky, Isaac Platizky, Jenna Kildosher, and William R. Farley & directed by Joey Mosca, Jayleen S. Perez, Isaac Platizky, William R. Farley, Sam Platizky, Jenna Kildosher, and Sami Saad. You can view the trailer below. The film is in the late stages of post-production now.

MONSTER MASH: You can watch this trailer we filmed for Isaac Platizky’s feature length screenplay right here.

GREEN SCARE: You can watch the trailer we shot for Sam Platizky’s feature length finale to the Scare trilogy GREEN SCARE right here.

THE DISTANCING MONOLOGUES: In an attempt to stay creative as the pandemic raged in the spring of 2020, Sam Platizky created a series of monologues and assembled a fantastic group of actors to perform them. You can view them right on our website.

QUARANTINE NIGHT LIVE: Another attempt at staying creative during the early days of the pandemic gathered different actors together for a variety of short skits.

THE GIRL IN THE BASEMENT: Initially, this short by Isaac Platizky was going to be a part of our horror anthology, but it didn’t fit as well as we hoped and will be a standalone short. Currently in post-production.


HENDRICKSON’S COMMERCIAL: In 2019, Hendrickson’s Corner (a local bar/restaurant that has allowed us to film multiple projects in) had a bad fire. When they reopened, we created a short commercial for them (and a longer one)… and then we cut a slightly different version when they reopened after the Covid shutdown.

NBF Ghostober 2021

Welcome, Foolish Mortals!

I love this time of year. I love having an excuse to watch horror movies, even though you never really need one. Personally, I try to watch as many horror movies as I can in the month of October. If you are anything like me, you do the same.

To add to the usual “Shining” and “Friday the 13th’s” and other horror movies, might I suggest adding some indie horror to your lists this year. Below, you will find all of the horror content we have finished so far from our latest projects to our oldest, including the brand new GHOST TOUR, which will only be up for the month of October for now, so make sure you watch it before it disappears…

And who knows? By watching these projects and sharing them, maybe you will be helping us get our other horror screenplays produced. Screenplays like: The Indie Project, Monster Mash, Horror Box, The Tragic Life of Timothy Finch, Murder on the Southbound, The Dybbuk Box, SlasherZ, and more!

First up, GHOST TOUR!

PASSWORD: Ghostober
The trailer for our upcoming feature length horror anthology!

Tales from the Narrow Bridge: The Wyrmwood Devil Trailer 2 from Sam Platizky on Vimeo.

I’ve Got You Beat Vimeo from Sam Platizky on Vimeo.

A sizzle reel/trailer we made for a feature length screenplay written by Isaac Platizky.

Monster Mash Sizzle Reel/Trailer from Sam Platizky on Vimeo.

Click Send from Sam Platizky on Vimeo.

Red Scare from Sam Platizky on Vimeo.

Blaming George Romero from Sam Platizky on Vimeo.