Tales from the Narrow Bridge

When we were kids, my brother and I used to love watching Horror Anthologies… The Twilight Zone movie. Tales from the Dark Side. Amazing Stories. Creep Show. Etc. Etc. Etc.

So, for years, we have wanted to make our own, and that is exactly what we did with Tales from the Narrow Bridge: The Wyrmwood Devil.

Tales from the Narrow Bridge is currently on the festival circuit. It has been an Official Selection at: 2022 Golden Door International Film Festival (Winner Best Actor in a Feature – Isaac Platizky, Best Supporting Actor – William R. Farley, and Best Supporting Actress – Jenna Kildosher; Nominated for Best Feature Film, Best Director – Sam Platizky, Best Cinematographer – Joey Mosca, Best Actress in a Feature – Megan Hoche, and Best Supporting Actress – Stephanie Marie Alvarez), the 2022 Jersey City Horror Film Festival (Winner Best Feature Film, Best Actor – Isaac Platizky), the 2022 Couch Film Festival (Nominated for Best Feature, Best Actor – Dan Gregory, and Best Actress – Megan Hoche), the June 2022 NJ Film Awards (Winner Best Ensemble, Best Actor – Isaac Platizky, Best Sound Design – Joey Mosca, and Best Special Effects Makeup – Maglinda Perez), the 2022 Bergen International Film Festival (Winner – Best Ensemble; Nominated for Best Actor – Isaac Platizky), 2022 Gen Con Film Festival, the Summer 2022 Independent Horror Movie Awards (Winner – Best Feature, Best Humor, Best Nudity; Nominated for Best Editing, Best Writing, and Best Kill), the Fall 2022 New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival (Nominated for Best NJ/NY Film and Best Director(s) – Joey Mosca, Jayleen S. Perez, Isaac Platizky, William R. Farley, Sam Platizky, Jenna Kildosher, and Sami Saad), and the 2022 Orlando Film Festival.

Tales can next be seen at THE NJ HORROR CON & FILM FESTIVAL (Friday, 9/16 at 8pm) and the Orlando Film Festival (October 27 – November 3; Exact Dates/Times TBA).

This horror anthology is made up of eight short horror/horror-comedy segments and a wraparound story.

The Wyrmwood Devil

A group of friends go out into the woods to search for the illusive “Wyrmwood Devil.” While there, they tell each other horror stories that they have heard… But is something else listening to their tales? Something… evil?

Directed by: Joey Mosca

Written by: Sam & Isaac Platizky

Starring: Megan Hoche, Sam Platizky, Isaac Platizky, Dan Gregory, Jenna Kildosher, Esther Ayo Akinsanya, Alyssa Joanlanne, and Alannah McCord.

Additional Crew: Director of Photography- Sami Saad; Assistant Camera: William R. Farley; Lights & Sound: Joey Mosca; Makeup: Maglinda Perez; Creator of Fire: William R. Farley

And the rest of the Horror Anthology will be made up of:

The Return of the Clickity Clack Man sees the return of the Click Send Killer. Directed by Jayleen S. Perez & Written by Sam Platizky

Starring: Molly Esther Wilson, Alexandra Faye Sadeghian, and Dan Gregory.

Additional Crew: Director of Photography- Sami Saad; Assistant Director- Sam Platizky; Assistant Camera- William R. Farley; Lights & Sound – Joey Mosca; Production Design – Maglinda Perez

The Good Host Written & Directed by Isaac Platizky.

Starring: Esther Ayo Akinsanya, Casey Okamoto, Dan Gregory, Alyssa Joanlanne, Steph Marie Alvarez, and Sam Platizky.

Additional Crew: Director of Photography: William R. Farley. Lights & Sound: Joey Mosca. 1st AC. Sami Saad. 2nd AC: Kevin Guevara.

Dream a Little Dream tells the tale of a man who is cursed with insomnia and what happens when a potential cure makes everything so much worse. Directed by Joey Mosca. Written by Isaac Platizky

Starring: Isaac Platizky, Esther Ayo Akinsanya, Dan Gregory, William R. Farley, Eric Parkin, Jenna Kildosher, Andrew Wallace, Greg Schultz, Andrew Platizky, Charlene Platizky, Ariana Pinilla, and Juliana Pinilla.

Additional Crew: Director of Photography – Sami Saad; Assistant Director – William R. Farley; Production Design – Maglinda Perez; SFX Makeup – Maglinda Perez; Lights & Sound – Joey Mosca.

Have you ever wondered what happens in the aftermath of a horror movie? Find out in Clean-Up written by Isaac Platizky & Directed by William R. Farley.

Starring: Steph Marie Alvarez, Sam Platizky, Isaac Platizky, Eva Visco, Carlos Rivero, Sami Saad, and Maglinda Perez.

Additional Crew: Production Designer- Maglinda Perez; Lights & Sound – Joey Mosca. 

What would you do to bring someone you love back from the dead? Don’t Look Back, written by Isaac Platizky & Directed by Sam Platizky, will show the horrifying answer.

Starring: Dan Gregory, Isaac Platizky, Alyssa Joanlanne, Eva Visco, Maglinda Perez, and Stephanie Alvarez.

Additional Crew: Director(s) of Photography: William R. Farley & Sami Saad, Lights & Sound by Joey Mosca, Production Design by Isaac Platizky.

A stale marriage sometimes needs a little spicing up. See what happens when a married couple invite a friend into the bedroom with them for a DEVIL’S THREEWAY…

Directed by Sami Saad. Written by Sam Platizky & Isaac Platizky.

Starring: Rivers Duggan, Alannah McCord, and Carlos Rivero.

Additional crew: Director of Photography: Sami Saad; Lights & Sound: Joey Mosca

When you look in the mirror, what is looking back at you? Mirrors  written and directed by Jenna Kildosher will give you the horrifying answer.

Starring: Eva Visco, Mike Mumola, and Megan Bussiere

Additional Crew: Director of Photography – Sami Saad; Assistant Director – William R. Farley; Production Design – Maglinda Perez; SFX Makeup – Maglinda Perez; Lights & Sound – Joey Mosca; Grips – Doug Spuma, Steven Rios, Sam Platizky, and Isaac Platizky

Have you ever heard of Chubby Smarfluckle? On screen, he was a hysterical star of the silent film era… But when the cameras stopped rolling, he was a real cut up!

Chubby Smarfluckle in: The Butcher Man was Directed by Sam Platizky and Written by Sam Platizky, Isaac Platizky, & William R. Farley.

Starring William R. Farley, Alyssa Joanlanne, Jenna Kildosher, Isaac Platizky, Christopher Lucas, and Eva Visco.

Additional Crew: Director of Photography & Lights – Joey Mosca; Assistant Camera Operator- Sami Saad; Grip – Kevin Guevara.

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