Monster Mash

“Monster Mash” is a feature written by Isaac Platizky that we hope to film in its entirety at some point in the near future. To that end, in early 2019, we shot a sizzle reel to use in an attempt to raise money to do just that. A teaser of that sizzle reel is above. The full sizzle reel will be released around Halloween.

The sizzle reel was Directed by Alan J. Carmona.

Starring: Isaac Platizky, Megan Bussiere, Sam Platizky, Dan Gregory, Jenna Kildosher, William R. Farley, Mike Mumola, Steph Marie Alvarez, Alannah McCord, Jenna Sierra, and Christopher Patrick Lucas.

Additional Crew: Director of Photography – Alan J. Carmona; Assistant Camera Ops – Sami Saad & Ruben Rodas; Sound – Joey Mosca; Costumes – Tinea Abdallah; Makeup – Dena Olivieri; Production Design – Maglinda Perez; Set Photographer – Jan Cruz; Grips – Steve Rios & Doug Spuma.



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