Lost and Found

lost and found poster

From 2012-2015, Narrow Bridge Films created a 12 part webseries called Lost and Found.

It follows a group of six strangers who are brought together by their love of the hit TV show Lost and a tragedy that strikes them. Together, they set out to create their own TV show and find out about each other in the process.

Lost and Found was created by Sam Platizky & Keith McCord

Written by: Sam Platizky, Isaac Platizky, and Dan Gregory

Directed by: Sam Platizky, Isaac Platizky, Dan Gregory, Joey Mosca, and Tony Pineiro

Production and Post Production Audio by: Joey Mosca

Gaffer: Tony Pineiro

Original Music by: Dan Granda & Masatora Goya

Starring: Isaac Platizky, Christina Garced, Mitchell Vargas, Sam Platizky, Dan Gregory, William R. Farley, Bo Pratt, Ilana Seagull, Jenna Kildosher, Ramy Shedid, Wanda Madleigh, Eric Parkin, Aaron Visco, Dana Levin, Megan Bussiere, Alannah Potter, Maglinda Perez, Dan Conway, Lisa Simoes, Eldora Martinez, Tinea Abdallah, Jessica Augustave, Michael McCord, Samantha Algieri, Christopher Lucas, Hayley Palmaer, and Daniel Hendolowitch.


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