Cabin of Errors


Cabin of Errors is the award winning 3rd feature length film from Narrow Bridge Films. Formerly titled Summer Cabin, Cabin of Errors has recently secured distribution through Summer Hill Films.


Best Buy:

It will also be available to watch on Video on Demand on Amazon, XBox, and Google Play with more platforms to follow. This is the widest distribution we have received so far, and we are all very excited. Please pre-order your copy today!

The trailer for “Cabin” can be found here:

Every year, three couples take a group vacation at a beautiful cabin by a lake. When one of the couples splits up, its up to the other two couples to try and get them back together again… But things don’t exactly go as planned in this farcical romantic comedy.

Written by: Isaac Platizky

Directed by: Sean Feuer

Director of Photography: Sean Feuer

Assistant Director: William R. Farley

Production & Post Production Audio: Joey Mosca

Gaffer: Joey Mosca

Starring: Isaac Platizky, Laura Chaneski, Dan Gregory, Jenna Kildosher, Sam Platizky, Megan Bussiere, William R. Farley, Ariana Galya, and Alannah Potter.

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