Yellow Scare

Yellow Scare poster4

Currently in post-production from Narrow Bridge Films.

World War II. The heinous and homicidal Hitler has joined forces with the evil Poor Li Hung to create a doomsday weapon that could single handedly end the war! It is up to all American Hero Happy Charlie & his bumbling baby brother Rex to stop them… But they are going to need a little help from. Dr. Laura McShaunnesey! (Yes, that’s right! A lady doctor!) General Foo King, a master of song, dance, and kung fu! And Shamus Appleucio, a drunken, but driven, pilot from the Emerald Isle.

Written By: Sam Platizky

Directed by: Joseph Whelski

Director of Photography: Alain J. Carmona

Production & Post Production Audio: Joey Mosca

Music by: Dan Granda

Starring: Sam Platizky, Isaac Platizky, Laura Folger-Lopez, Dan Gregory, Casey Okamoto, Carlos Rivero, Dante Sterling, Mila Milosevic, William R. Farley, Christopher Lucas, Mitchell Leigh-Gordon, Bill Sorvino, Ariana Pinilla, Andrew Platizky, Eric Parkin, and more.

Assistant Camera 1: Alex Grey

Assistant Camera 2: Sami Saad

Gaffer: Gordon Christmas

Key Grip: Doug Spuma

Assistant Sound & Lav Recordist: Isaac Danna

Costume Design: Tinea Abdallah

Production Design: Steven Defendini, Maggie Perez, Danijela Belovarac, & William R. Farley

Hair & Makeup: Morgan Cronheim

Produced by: Sam Platizky, Isaac Platizky, William R. Farley

Line Producer: Jenna Kildosher

Edited by: Sam Platizky


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