Yellow Scare


BEST COMEDY at the 2018 Golden Door IFF! BEST FOREIGN SCI-FI FEATURE at the 2018 Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase! BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR (Dan Gregory) at the 2018 Golden Door IFF! BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS (Mila Milosevic) at the 2018 Hoboken Film Festival! Nominated for BEST DIRECTOR (Joe Whelski), BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS (Laura Folger-Lopez), BEST LOCAL FILM, and BEST FEATURE FILM at the 2018 Golden Door IFF! Official Selection at the 2018 Hoboken Film Festival, the 2018 Auckland IFF, the 2018 Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase, the 2018 Gen Con Film Festival, the 2018 Golden Door IFF, and the 2018 Orlando Film Festival!

World War II. The heinous and homicidal Hitler has joined forces with the evil Poor Li Hung to create a doomsday weapon that could single handedly end the war! It is up to all American Hero Happy Charlie & his bumbling baby brother Rex to stop them… But they are going to need a little help from: Dr. Laura McShaunnesey! General Foo King, a master of song, dance, and kung fu! And Shamus Appleucio, a drunken, but driven, pilot from the Emerald Isle.

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Written By: Sam Platizky

Directed by: Joseph Whelski

Director of Photography: Alain J. Carmona

Production & Post Production Audio: Joey Mosca

Music by: Dan Granda

Starring: Sam Platizky, Isaac Platizky, Laura Folger-Lopez, Dan Gregory, Casey Okamoto, Carlos Rivero, Dante Sterling, Mila Milosevic, William R. Farley, Christopher Lucas, Mitchell Leigh-Gordon, Bill Sorvino, Ariana Pinilla, Andrew Platizky, Eric Parkin, and more.

Assistant Camera 1: Alex Grey

Assistant Camera 2: Sami Saad

Gaffer: Gordon Christmas

Key Grip: Doug Spuma

Assistant Sound & Lav Recordist: Isaac Danna

Costume Design: Tinea Abdallah

Production Design: Steven Defendini, Maggie Perez, Danijela Belovarac, & William R. Farley

Hair & Makeup: Morgan Cronheim

Produced by: Sam Platizky, Isaac Platizky, William R. Farley

Line Producer: Jenna Kildosher

Edited by: Sam Platizky

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