October is here, and what better way to usher it in than by watching your favorite horror movies? And what better films to watch than Narrow Bridge Films. You can watch our first feature film, Blaming George Romero, right here: Keep the zombie movie trend going with Red Scare: Red Scare from Sam Platizky on … More HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!


There are a few festivals that we REALLY wanted to get into. Golden Door (SEPTEMBER 20-23) was obviously one of them. The big ones (Sundance, Slamdance, etc) are long shots, but they’re up there. And then there are the ones that may not be AS big as those, but are still big. Orlando Film Festival … More Orlando!!!!

Support Indie Film

If you are reading this, then you have probably supported Narrow Bridge Films in the past… Whether that support has come in donating to our crowdfunding campaigns, or watching our projects, or just being an all-around supportive person, you have helped us continue to do what we love. So, on behalf of every member of … More Support Indie Film

The Golden Door

Our first film, Blaming George Romero, got into two festivals. One of those festivals was The Golden Door International Film Festival, which was in its first year. It was a great fit. We’re (mostly) from Bayonne and here was a festival in Jersey City. It was a good time and a good experience, so we … More The Golden Door