Hendrickson’s Corner

Hendrickson’s Corner (Long) from Sam Platizky on Vimeo.   Hendrickson’s Corner has long been supportive of Narrow Bridge Films. They allowed us to film a scene from Cabin of Errors there. They allowed us to film a scene from Yellow Scare there. And most recently, they allowed us to film a scene from one of our Horror AnthologyContinue reading “Hendrickson’s Corner”

Happy Narrow Bridge Films Day!

Happy Narrow Bridge Films Day! As promised, we have something special for you today. Previously “Cupid’s First Day” & “Click Send” were only available to watch at festivals and on Amazon Prime. You can still stream them on Prime, but for our fans who do not have access to it, you can watch BOTH shortsContinue reading “Happy Narrow Bridge Films Day!”

Narrow Bridge Films Day

Did you know that there is a Narrow Bridge Films Day? It’s true. Among the amazing things that happened at last year’s Golden Door International Film Festival (buy tickets to this year’s here!) we received a certificate from the City of Bayonne declaring September 23, 2018 to be NARROW BRIDGE FILMS DAY. See? So, sinceContinue reading “Narrow Bridge Films Day”