It’s Time to Play the Music…

dan granda

As we dive into the pre-production waters of Yellow Scare, we are starting to pick up steam. Last night, I met with Director Joe Whelski, Audio Man Joey Mosca, Composer Dan Granda, and Producers Isaac Platizky & William R. Farley to discuss our plans for Yellow Scare.

As you may (or may not) know, we recorded a live orchestra for Red Scare. It was an amazing experience, and something that very few low budget indie movies would even attempt. A large part of this is thanks to the amazing composing/conducting by Dan Granda, a group of very generous and amazing musicians, and the recording and mixing expertise of Joey Mosca.

For Yellow Scare, we wanted to up the game a bit, and so I decided to throw musical numbers in as an additional homage to the classics of the master: Mel Brooks.

And so, last night we discussed the music situation further, and we planned a timeline. Because we need to have the music recorded for the musical numbers before we film, we are going to record that in January of 2016.
It is all very exciting, and we will be updating you as we go on.

Stay tuned!


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