Location Scouting

We always try to upgrade and improve from project to project. Film-making is a learning experience, I don’t care how many films you’ve done… You can always do better, and there’s always something to learn. 
As far as locations go, unfortunately, up until now, we have occasionally been forced to just wing it; sometimes with no knowledge of the actual space we are going into. Heck, one of our best locations, the cabin in Summer Cabin, was one we’d never been to several hours away! What if it didn’t work? (Thank God it did.) Sometimes we’re still trying to figure out where to shoot the day of a shoot! 

It’s very, very independent filmmaking… But it’s not ideal in anyway. For Yellow Scare, we are trying to lock in all of our locations months in advance so that nothing goes wrong… And so that we can use the time to decide how best to change 2016 locations into 1942 ones. 

Today was our first official scouting. We visited a few apartments, a few bars, and a theatre. We have more locations to look at and lock in, but this time we are going to do it the right way. 

Pictured above: Joe Whelski (director), Jenna Kildosher (Line Producer), Joey Mosca (Head of Audio Department), and Maggie Perez (Art Department/Set Design) 

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One thought on “Location Scouting

  1. Hello I’m working on my career as an actor and came across your site. If you need a fresh face or another actor I would appreciate the opportunity to audition for any roles that are open. Thank you.


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