Summer Cabin Screening!

summer cabin screening

In 2013, Isaac Platizky wrote a script and asked Dan Gregory and I to read it. I kept putting it off, because I am an awful brother. Dan read it, and kept saying, “Let’s film it! Let’s film it!”

Eventually, I read the script. And we got to work on making it happen. We cast it, we crewed it, we had a location in New Hampshire. We were supposed to start filming Summer 2014… Things fell through, and we had to cancel production.

In 2014, Isaac decided he wanted to, at the very least, have a reading of the script. So, in March of 2015, that is exactly what we did. We had a reading in NYC. It was fun, and I thought that was it. On the light rail home, Dan kept saying, “we should still film it! We should still film it!”

So, in Spring of 2015, I got Sean Feuer to agree to direct it. Unfortunately, one of our actresses (the wonderful Alannah Potter) couldn’t afford to take off the time necessary to film in New Hampshire for a week, but fortunately Megan Bussiere stepped in to replace her. Later in the summer, one of our other actresses dropped out, but we got so lucky when Laura Chaneski signed on. Along with the remainder of our cast (Isaac Platizky, Jenna Kildosher, Dan Gregory, and myself), we were ready to go.

We filmed in Summer 2015, thanks to the amazing Dave Hanglin and his wife, and continued filming through fall. Throughout it all, Billy Farley & Joey Mosca were rocks of talent, skill, and awesome-ness.

And now, on Thursday, April 7th at Franks Theatre in Bayonne, NJ, we will be having a special screening of “Summer Cabin.” Tickets are limited. You can buy yours here.

We hope to see you there for what is sure to be an amazing night.

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