The Sounds of Laughter

test 01

There is a bit of fear every time that an audience sees your movie for the first time. What if people don’t like it? What if they don’t like this thing that came out of your head? With a comedy, you can tell right away whether or not people like it. The sound of laughter is a good thing. The sound of silence? Terrible.

Fortunately, for us, there was plenty of laughter at last night’s test screening of “Yellow Scare.” The reaction was very positive, and I can’t stress how amazing it feels to have the sounds of laughter fill a room filled with people who have never seen the movie before.

We had a great turnout. We didn’t sell out, but we did very well, especially for Frank Theatre’s largest auditorium that seats 300!

Test 02test 10

So, the test went well. It was an amazing night, and the awesome Hendrickson’s Corner kept the kitchen open for us to have ourselves a late dinner.

And so… We have a few things to look at/adjust based on the test screening, and then onto what comes next: FESTIVALS. Thanks to our large turnout and the people who purchased extra raffle tickets, we were able to pay off the theatre rental, program printing, and raffle prizes… And we still have a nice amount to get us submitted to some festivals.

As I said last night, the best way forward for this movie is the festival circuit and we are going to do our damnedest to get into as many as possible.

For anyone who is a part of this movie: THANK YOU. Thank you for taking this weird and wild and stressful journey with me.

For anyone who made it: THANK YOU. I hope you liked it.

For anyone who didn’t: Follow us here, on Facebook, and on Instagram for the latest updates on how you will be able to see the movie.

Stay tuned!




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