What’s Next? 

Our test screening for “Yellow Scare” is already a week in the past. So, what’s next for Narrow Bridge Films?

On the “Yellow Scare” front, we made a few adjustments based on what we (and others) saw at the test screening. So, thank you to everyone who provided us feedback. We will now be submitting the movie to film festivals throughout the world!!! (And we’ll be fulfilling a lot of our outstanding Indiegogo perks as well!) 

And with “Yellow Scare” that marks the end of Phase 2 for Narrow Bridge Films.

What’s Phase 3? We had a meeting this past Wednesday with the Narrow Bridge Illuminati to discuss just that. 

Phase 3: 

“The Last Rehearsal of the Dangerous Kitten” – a short comedy written by Jenna Kildosher & Dan Gregory. 

“Monster Mash” trailer – A trailer for Isaac Platizky’s next Feature Film. 

“Untitled Horror Anthology Feature” – A feature length film with several horror shorts and a bookend story around them. 

We discussed all of those things and are in the planning stages for them all. 

Stay tuned to NarrowBridgeFilms.com and our Facebook and Instagram pages for more updates.

Published by splatizky

Actor, Writer, Producer, & Dreamer from Bayonne, NJ.

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