NBF at the Hoboken IFF

platizky brothers
Platizky Brothers on the Red Carpet of the 2018 Hoboken IFF.

On Friday, May 18th, the Platizky Brothers attended the Opening Night Gala of the 2018 Hoboken International Film Festival in Greenwood Lake, NY. It was a beautiful location, and a wonderful kick-off to the event.

the NBF group at hiff
The NBF Gang at the Hoboken IFF. From left: Joey Mosca, Dan Gregory, Jayleen Perez, Maglinda Perez, Eric Parkin, Sam Platizky, Isaac Platizky, and William R. Farley

The following day, several of the Narrow Bridge Fam (pictured above) attended the Festival Premiere of “Yellow Scare.” The screening took place at the Cove Castle Restaurant (a very nice restaurant), and was met with many laughs throughout.

This Thursday is the Hoboken IFF Award Gala. We do not know if we are nominated for anything yet, but we will find out on Thursday.

Stay tuned!

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