I wrote my first screenplay in 2008, I think. It wasn’t that good, but some of the pieces made it into “Blaming George Romero.” I collaborated on a second screenplay right after that, which was okay, but went nowhere.

Then, in 2009 I wrote two feature length screenplays: “Langsomer Tod” & (when I realized I couldn’t afford to produce a full-on WWII Horror movie) “Blaming George Romero.” We filmed BGR in 2010, and then almost as soon as that was finished, I moved on to “Red Scare.”

After “Red Scare” was finished, NBF worked with shorts and our webseries, “Lost & Found,” and then my brother Isaac told me I should write a feature length farcical romantic comedy. I told him that he should, and he did, and that became “Cabin of Errors” (now available on Amazon Prime!) Around this time I was also working on “Yellow Scare” and “Green Scare” and Isaac was also working on “Cabin of Errors 2!!!”

And a funny thing has happened with these scripts… Each one is better than the one before it. When I finished “Yellow Scare,” I thought, “I love this script. It’s the best thing I have ever written… But what if this is the best I can do?”

Thankfully, it wasn’t. I am even more proud of the screenplays we have written since then.

Isaac raised the bar with hilarious monster comedy “Monster Mash.”


Then, I finished my original take on a romantic comedy with “Off Script,” a screenplay that I am VERY happy with and excited about.

Not content to sit idly by, Isaac then jumped onto a murder mystery comedy (Think Clue but in today’s world and no board game connections) with (the tentative title) “You Are Invited.” I just read the first draft and offered my notes on it… And it is hilarious and will only get better.

While we usually work on our own projects individually, and offer notes, we have also begun trying to collaborate more.

The first instance of this was “Murder on the Southbound,” a supernatural murder mystery on a train. For this one, we literally took turns writing sections of the script. We are in early talks to having “Murder on the Southbound” adapted into a graphic novel… But more on that another time.


Speaking of collaboration, Isaac mentioned an idea a month or two ago, and I ran with it and just finished the first draft of it the other day. “The Tragic Life of Timothy Finch” is a dark fantasy-horror feature.

timothy finch

Finally, what might be my favorite screenplay I have written to date is also the one that would be the hardest to make. About a year ago, I turned on the TV to see the terrible “Haunted Mansion” movie… And I thought, “Someone should really make a good ‘Haunted Mansion’ movie.” And sure, there is always talk about one being in development, but nothing has come of it yet… So, I said, “Fuck it!” and I wrote my own feature length “Haunted Mansion” script. I am very proud of this one, and am doing some polishing of it, even though I realize it may never get made. (If you have any connections with Disney, get me in the door with them — PLEASE!)

haunted mansion

We would love to produce them in-house, but each one is more expensive than the last (not to mention we can’t make one because it’s a Disney property)… But we are looking into other ways to get them made.

And there you have it… The Platizky Brothers currently have a grand total of 8 feature length screenplays in various stages of completion… And we are only getting started.


Stay tuned!

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Actor, Writer, Producer, & Dreamer from Bayonne, NJ.

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