“Yellow Scare,” Y’All!

Last week, Billy, Isaac, and I went to Fort Worth, TX for the 2018 Forth Worth Indie Film Showcase. Despite being hot AF (115 F, I think, was the high when we were there), it was a great time. We went to the Fort Worth Zoo, the Stockyards, the 6th Floor Museum in Dallas, some great restaurants… But most importantly: “Yellow Scare” had its Texas debut! We met some cool people, and saw some great (and a few not-so-great) films from artists around the world.

And more than that, we were nominated for FOUR awards (Best Foreign Feature Overall, Best Foreign Feature Comedy, Best Foreign Feature Sci-Fi, and Best Noir), and we WON Best Foreign Feature Sci-Fi.

In case you weren’t aware, the FWIFS considers any film that wasn’t made in Texas a “Foreign” movie… Anything made outside the USA is an “International.”

So, yeah… Our second festival is done, and with another award to boot. That is two festivals down and one award at each festival. Next week, we head out to the Gen Con Film Festival in Indianapolis, Indiana. If you happen to be in the area, stop on by. Our screening is Saturday, August 4th at 2pm. After that? We await more festivals to let us know whether or not we are in.

We also have TWO screenings of our joint venture with Maniac Productions, “Click Send,” directed by Joey Mosca and written by Isaac Platizky. “Click Send” has its world premiere on Friday, August 3rd in the SOLD OUT Horror Short Film Block at Gen Con at 10:30pm. And then on Saturday, August 4th at 6:15pm, “Click Send” will be making its NJ debut at the Brightside Tavern Short Film Festival in their horror block. If you are around, check it out!

And that is it for the now. Here are some pictures from our adventures in TX.


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