Narrow Bridge at the Golden Door

Best Comedy

I started Narrow Bridge Films in 2010 with an idea to make one movie, and we’ve just kept going since. In that time, I’ve been to a lot of festivals and won a bunch of awards. Festivals in New Jersey, New York, Nevada, Hawaii, Indiana, Illinois, and (soon) Florida. We were even official selections in places we didn’t get to go to: Ohio, New Zealand, and Kentucky.

But the one we keep coming back to… the one we keep coming home to is the Golden Door International Film Festival (GDIFF). It was one of the first festivals we ever went to. In fact, my first movie, Blaming George Romero, made it into the 1st Annual GDIFF.  So, you could say that we’ve grown up together. Each year, we have learned and improved.

I love the GDIFF. Not because it is close to where I live, but because I know that the festival runners, Bill & Michele Sorvino, do everything in their power to make all of the filmmakers feel like they are home. Just by being around them, you can tell that the festival, for them, is one born of complete passion and love. Love for film & love for Jersey City/Hudson County/NJ. I am proud to call the Sorvinos my friends.

This past weekend was my 5th year at the GDIFF. Not only was it my favorite GDIFF yet, but it was also, quite possibly, one of the best weekends of my life so far. From beginning to end, I had an absolute blast. I got to spend time with my friends, my family, and my Narrow Bridge & Brazen Giant Ensemble families. We got to see so many great films, including Click Send & Yellow Scare with wonderful audiences.

And, then, last night we went to the Closing Night Awards Gala. They didn’t release nominations ahead of time, but… Dan Gregory, a man who has been on the Narrow Bridge train from DAY 1 and has stood with us through thick and thin, won Best Supporting Actor for his hilarious turn as Shamus/Tony in Yellow Scare. Laura Folger-Lopez was also nominated for her role of Laura McShaunnesey & Joe Whelski was nominated for Best Director of a Feature Film for Yellow Scare. Not to be overlooked, Joey Mosca (another amazing guy who has stayed on the Narrow Bridge with us from DAY 1) was nominated for Best Director of a Short Film for Click Send. And How Many Lives, a documentary that Joey & Sami Saad worked on, won the SPIRIT OF NJ AWARD. Last, but not least, Yellow Scare won BEST COMEDY (it feels good to win a “best comedy” award for our comedy) & the first ever Founder’s Award (an award that very nearly made me cry). We also received proclamations from Hudson County for our work in the arts.

It isn’t easy to make films. Not taking into account the costs involved, its always hard when your film is rejected from certain festivals and not everyone seems to love what you’ve made… But the recognition we received this weekend for all of our hard work is humbling and fills me with joy & pride.

THANK YOU to Bill & Michele Sorvino

THANK YOU to everyone at the GDIFF & the Landmark Loews Theatre

THANK YOU & CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who helped make Yellow Scare

THANK YOU to the cast & crew of Click Send

THANK YOU to my wonderful parents

THANK YOU to my brother Isaac who is always the first and last person to read one of my scripts and offers amazing advice/criticism/and ideas

THANK YOU to the Brazen Giants Ensemble & CONGRATULATIONS on your amazing films (The Prime, Shyft, St. Joseph, The Son The Father, and Population Control).

THANK YOU to everyone who came to see our films… New friends & old.

THANK YOU to Christian Keiber, Bill Sorvino, & Kerry McGann for your INCREDIBLY kind words about Narrow Bridge Films throughout the weekend and always

THANK YOU to my core NBF Family… From the people who were there from the beginning (Dan, Isaac, & Joey) to the people who were there from ALMOST the beginning (Billy & Jenna) to the people who have more recently joined us (Maggie & Sami).  I am humbled by your talents & proud to make art with you all. I’m glad I got to spend so much time with you this weekend.

THANK YOU for reading.


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