NBF Productions

For the last 8 (almost 9) years, Narrow Bridge Films has worked hard to bring you the very best in independent entertainment. From feature films to shorts to our web series “Lost & Found,” we have not stopped.

Now, we are excited to announce a new initiative: NBF Productions.

NBF productions is here to help emerging and established artists in new ways, such as:

(1) REELS: Every Actor needs one. NBF Productions will take your footage and assemble for you a kickass reel that will highlight your abilities as an actor.

(2) SCENES: Every Actor needs a reel, but some who are just starting out or who have mainly focused on theatre may not have enough footage for a reel… or they may not have the kind of footage they want. NBF Productions will:

  • Consult with you to determine what kind of scene(s) you want based on the career path you want;
  • Write for you completely original scene(s);
  • With a professional cast & crew, film the scene(s) for you with the same level of quality that we put into our award winning films;
  • Edit the scene for you.

Everyone starts somewhere. Let NBF Productions help you with these vital things that every actor needs.

Competitive rates are available. Email SPlatizky@Gmail.com to get a quote and get started taking your career into your own hands.

And this is just the first steps of NBF Productions. Stay tuned for more.

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