NBF Productions

For the last 8 (almost 9) years, Narrow Bridge Films has worked hard to bring you the very best in independent entertainment. From feature films to shorts to our web series “Lost & Found,” we have not stopped.

Now, we are excited to announce a new initiative: NBF Productions.

NBF productions is here to help emerging and established artists in new ways, such as:

(1) REELS: Every Actor needs one. NBF Productions will take your footage and assemble for you a kickass reel that will highlight your abilities as an actor.

(2) SCENES: Every Actor needs a reel, but some who are just starting out or who have mainly focused on theatre may not have enough footage for a reel… or they may not have the kind of footage they want. NBF Productions will:

  • Consult with you to determine what kind of scene(s) you want based on the career path you want;
  • Write for you completely original scene(s);
  • With a professional cast & crew, film the scene(s) for you with the same level of quality that we put into our award winning films;
  • Edit the scene for you.

Everyone starts somewhere. Let NBF Productions help you with these vital things that every actor needs.

Competitive rates are available. Email SPlatizky@Gmail.com to get a quote and get started taking your career into your own hands.

And this is just the first steps of NBF Productions. Stay tuned for more.

Published by splatizky

Actor, Writer, Producer, & Dreamer from Bayonne, NJ.

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