Artist Spotlight: Joey Mosca

Next up, we have the rock of NBF. Joey Mosca. Sound Magician, Director, DP, editor.


We met on a nice, sunny day in 2010, but not everyone knows you. Tell us a little about yourself.

I went to NJCU and graduated with a Bachelors in Media Arts in 2008. Since then I’ve been freelancing in the industry in, mostly camera & audio, but my passion is audio.

You came on board as sound guy for BGR, and have been with us on every project since. Additionally, you have acted, directed, and DP’d some of our projects as well. Which is your favorite role? Which is your least favorite?

I, of course, love sound & sound recording. I really enjoy directing too but don’t get to do it on it’s own often as much. I’m usually wearing multiple hats.

My least favorite role, I guess would be actor. I don’t consider myself an actor & prefer to not watch myself on screen. Just because it’s my least favorite, though, doesn’t mean I won’t do it haha.

What is your favorite NBF project?

I’ll always have a soft spot for the first, BGR. Though Dream a Little Dream is currently at the top of my list.

Joey capturing audio on a cold day for Girl in the Basement.

Sound can make or break a film, and yet it is one of the unsung heroes of filmmaking. It isn’t as simple as just holding a stick and pointing it at actors, but I have seen producers and directors treat it like it is. What would you tell those people about what you do so that they can truly appreciate your craft?

Audio isn’t like the visual. You can have some bad camera work & thing still work out, but one bit of bad audio can ruin an entire film. Audio, even when done for effect, is supposed to feel like a natural thing in a film. I like to say visual things you’re supposed to notice. Audio if you don’t notice that I did anything then I did my job right.

What are your goals as a filmmaker? How do you personally view success?

I don’t want to be famous; I want to be successful. My goal is to be on set doing what I love: recording sound for films. It makes me happy and making money doing what makes me happy is the goal.

You have your own production house: Maniac Productions. Tell us a little bit about that. What kind of projects are you interested in at MP?

Maniac Productions is my own personal project company. I made up the name when I was a little kid and stuck with it. While I’ve been doing a lot of horror related stuff because making something scary is fun haha, I’m interested in any kind of film project that I come up with.

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