Artist Spotlight: Jenna Kildosher

Next up, we have the actress who’s worked on more things with us than any other actress. Jenna Kildosher!


Thanks for doing this. Tell the readers a little about yourself.

Sure! I love/hate talking about myself so it’s the perfect amount of self-indulgence and self-punishment. I’ve been with NBF for a while now. During that time I’ve acted, wrote, and even produced. Outside of NBF I run a Youtube channel and Instagram called Alchemss where my friend Lisa and I geek out over our favorite comics, films and pop culture. Previously, I was an editor of a literature and art magazine, Instagatorzine. I’m also a pageant competitor. I won two state titles but haven’t done that in some time.

You have been acting with us since Red Scare, and have been in all of our features since, a majority of our shorts, and our webseries. What is your favorite NBF project? What is your favorite role? 

My favorite project was Last Rehearsal of the Dangerous Kitten. Each role was specifically written for the performer, which made it a lot easier for Dan and I as the writers. Which also made it exciting to see everyone thrive on stage. Most of us have theater backgrounds so the performance clicked right away. It was really satisfying how seamless the project went from page to film.

My favorite role to play was Susie from Cabin of Errors. For one, getting into character wasn’t hard, her nonsense and humor (okay maybe the accent too) were really relatable to my own. I empathized a lot with her, not so much the utter need to get married, but wanting something so badly you blind yourself from the apparent truth of your situation. I would definitely reprise her (not like I haven’t, for no reason, on or off cameras, to no one’s request).


Not everyone knows this, but you are also a writer. You have written plenty of things in your own time, and also co-wrote Last Rehearsal of the Dangerous Kitten (coming soon!) and a short called Mirrors that is in pre-production. What is it about writing that you enjoy?

Yes! I enjoy getting lost in the world I created.  I can tune out everything and everyone and just exist in this gray space. I can think, feel, see, smell and hear what my character’s are experiencing. I think I might sound weird but the escapism is really what I enjoy most. LRDK is a comedy about the tribulations of community theater. Mirrors is a thriller/horror. We developed Mirrors with the Brazen Giant Ensemble. It’s currently in pre-production.


Tell everyone a little bit about your video podcast/social media page Alchemss. What’s up with that, and why should people follow you?

Alchemss is a geek social media outlet, mostly focusing on the comics industry.  Lisa and I just really wanted to create something for ourselves. Originally we wanted to start more of a lifestyle Youtube page. However, we came to find we had similar interests in comics, film, TV, etc and that we liked Instagram and live streaming a lot more. So we ran with that, and now we have a nice following and place in the geek/comic community.  People should follow us if they have similar interests and we love engaging with our audience!

Actress, model, writer. Are there any more aspects of filmmaking you’d like to dive into? 

I’d like to direct for film next. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do since I was like 12 but never really had the guts to take on. Now that I think of it, I told my guidance counselor in the the 8th I wanted to be a director. Her advice to me was that there aren’t many women in the field so I should find role models elsewhere. Not ironically, her name was Ms. Meanie. Maybe I took that to heart unknowingly. However, I’ve AD’d on some shorts and live performances but nothing with just my vision.

What are your goals as an artist?

Specifically, I’m working on producing a book of poetry. As I’m writing that, I realize how fluffy that sounds. I’m pretty quiet about my poetry, which might seem odd from a former poetry editor. It was the first medium I wrote in. Performance wise, I’m tweaking a play for NBF and hope to have that on its feet within the next year or so. Long term, I’d just like to take Alchemss to new heights such as a show on SyFy, panels at NYCC or SDCC, and all of that geeky stuff. Overall, I’d just love to collaborate with all types of artists and keep creating new projects.

We live at an interesting time for women in film. The landscape is changing. How do you feel about it? What are your hopes for the world of film in the coming years?

I believe there will be positive change for populations left out of the loop by gatekeepers and glass ceilings. It will still be a tough road, there’s still a ways to go. Transparency is definitely the next wave in our industry and culture.  From this, I’d really love to see more creator owned projects and easier access to funding and the community itself. It seems to be going that way but us smaller people need to keep fighting for it.


What is next for Jenna Kildosher?

The throne of Earth…just kidding? More performing and more writing. Dare I demand to always have the ability to keep creating with such brilliant individuals and be able to show it to the world. As that goes, give Alchemss a follow on Instagram or Youtube, watch Narrow Bridge on Prime, and send me kitten pics on twitter.

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