AUGUST 2020 Updates

Wow. It has been awhile since we’ve updated. But we have a few things:


  • FIRST, Yellow Scare is now available to watch on Amazon Prime. So, you can stream it for free if you have an account, you can rent/buy it digitally, and you can purchase it on DVD/Bluray.
  • We had a fun virtual time at the 2020 Gen Con Film Festival. FIRST! and I’VE GOT YOU BEAT were Official Selections.
  • I’VE GOT YOU BEAT, LAST REHEARSAL OF THE DANGEROUS KITTEN, FIRST!, and Sam Platizky’s screenplay OFF-SCRIPT are all Official Selections at the 2020 Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase, which may take place in October.
  • YELLOW SCARE won Outstanding Achievement Awards for Narrative Feature, Best Actor (Sam Platizky), and Feature Screenplay at the Tagore International Film Festival.
  •  I’VE GOT YOU BEAT won Outstanding Achievement Awards for Director (William R. Farley), Best Actor (Isaac Platizky), and Comedy Short at the Tagore International Film Festival.
  • CUPID’S FIRST DAY won an Outstanding Achievement Award for Short Film at the Tagore International Film Festival.


  • Finally, we will be returning to filming next week with a new horror short that will be a part of our horror anthology – THE GOOD HOST written by Isaac & Sam Platizky, Directed by Isaac Platizky, and starring Esther Ayomide Akinsanya, Casey Okamoto, Stephanie Alvarez, Alyssa Joanlanne, Dan Gregory, and Sam Platizky. William R Farley will DP, Joey Mosca will run lights and sound, and Sami Saad will be AC.


Well, that’s all. We hope that you and your loved ones are doing well during these crazy times. If you want a laugh, make sure to watch Yellow Scare on Prime and if you like it, PLEASE leave a review.




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