NBF Ghostober 2021

Welcome, Foolish Mortals!

I love this time of year. I love having an excuse to watch horror movies, even though you never really need one. Personally, I try to watch as many horror movies as I can in the month of October. If you are anything like me, you do the same.

To add to the usual “Shining” and “Friday the 13th’s” and other horror movies, might I suggest adding some indie horror to your lists this year. Below, you will find all of the horror content we have finished so far from our latest projects to our oldest, including the brand new GHOST TOUR, which will only be up for the month of October for now, so make sure you watch it before it disappears…

And who knows? By watching these projects and sharing them, maybe you will be helping us get our other horror screenplays produced. Screenplays like: The Indie Project, Monster Mash, Horror Box, The Tragic Life of Timothy Finch, Murder on the Southbound, The Dybbuk Box, SlasherZ, and more!

First up, GHOST TOUR!

PASSWORD: Ghostober
The trailer for our upcoming feature length horror anthology!

Tales from the Narrow Bridge: The Wyrmwood Devil Trailer 2 from Sam Platizky on Vimeo.

I’ve Got You Beat Vimeo from Sam Platizky on Vimeo.

A sizzle reel/trailer we made for a feature length screenplay written by Isaac Platizky.

Monster Mash Sizzle Reel/Trailer from Sam Platizky on Vimeo.

Click Send from Sam Platizky on Vimeo.

Red Scare from Sam Platizky on Vimeo.

Blaming George Romero from Sam Platizky on Vimeo.

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Actor, Writer, Producer, & Dreamer from Bayonne, NJ.

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