Golden Door IFF 2022

This past weekend (5/12-5/14), the 11th Annual Golden Door International Film Festival was held in Jersey City, NJ.

After a fun opening night gala on the 12th, we had the world premiere of “Tales from the Narrow Bridge: The Wyrmwood Devil” on FRIDAY THE 13th. A spooky day for a spooky movie.

A good number of our cast & crew were able to attend (although there were a few who were sadly absent)… But our screening was a sold out, standing room only red carpet event! The reactions were positive. People laughed when they were supposed to and really seemed to enjoy.

Saturday night was the closing night awards gala… and even though, I know that each and every person involved in this movie deserves all of the awards, it was still a VERY pleasant surprise to receive as many awards and nominations as we did.

Isaac Platizky won BEST ACTOR IN A FEATURE. Jenna Kildosher won BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS. William R. Farley won BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR.

In addition to that, Megan Hoche was nominated for BEST ACTRESS IN A FEATURE. Stephanie Marie Alvarez was nominated for BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS. I (Sam Platizky) was nominated for BEST DIRECTOR. Joey Mosca was nominated for BEST CINEMATOGRAPHER. And the entire film was nominated for BEST FEATURE FILM.

Thank you to the Sorvinos (Bill & Michele) and everyone at the Golden Door Film Festival who helped to make this such an amazing weekend.

A wonderful weekend and a fantastic start to our horror anthology’s festival run. Here’s hoping that it’s a great one!

Published by splatizky

Actor, Writer, Producer, & Dreamer from Bayonne, NJ.

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