Gen Con Film Festival 2022

Last week, NBF visited the Gen Con Film Festival in Indianapolis where “Tales from the Narrow Bridge” was an Official Selection!

Isaac, Joey, and Sam on the Gen Con FF red carpet.

We had a good sized screening at 11pm on Thursday, August 4th & we thought that the reaction was overall positive.

The Gen Con FF screening of “Tales.”

While there, we also participated on some panels. Isaac participated on the Film Finance Panel & the Screenwriting Panel, while Sam moderated the latter.

Film Finance Panel

We also got to screen Joey Mosca’s “Con of Cthulu,” (a short fake trailer) in the Festival’s Horror-Comedy Block. Joey actually introduced us to Gen Con & has been attending for several years now.


Beyond the festival, we got to experience the Convention itself, the Indianapolis Zoo, and the Sun King Brewery.

During a break from the Con/Fest, we made our way to the Sun King Brewery.
Adorableness at the Zoo.
If there is a zoo by a film festival, you better believe we are gonna find it and go to it.

Overall, even though we did not win anything (and the Festival doesn’t have nominations) we had a great time at this year’s Festival. And now, we’re looking forward to whatever fest is next! Stay tuned.

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