NBF Day 2022

Happy Narrow Bridge Films Day! For those that don’t know, back in 2018 at the Golden Door International Film Festival, we were presented with certificates from the Mayor of Bayonne, NJ (NBF’s hometown) declaring September 23 to be Narrow Bridge Films Day! And so, this is our 5th year celebrating.

Every year since, we have tried to release something special on 9/23, and this year is no different.

For the first time ever on the Narrow Bridge Films’ website, you can watch FIRST and LAST REHEARSAL OF THE DANGEROUS KITTEN for free! Previously, they were only available to watch at festivals or on the IFT Network streaming platform. You can watch them on their respective pages or just below.

Also, for the first time anywhere, you can see the latest trailer for TALES FROM THE NARROW BRIDGE. We usually like to use popular music for our trailers, but this is the first one that is completely made up of music that is in the movie created by our composers Andy Kopacz and Masatora Goya.

ALSO, you can now Rent or Buy YELLOW SCARE on Vimeo on Demand HERE. Previously, Yellow Scare has only been available on the IFT Network or on Amazon.

Finally… our first film BLAMING GEORGE ROMERO. We filmed it in 2010, and released it in 2011. Unfortunately, due to a hard drive crash, we only had a low quality version of the movie. However, a few weeks ago, we found a backup that had higher quality versions saved. But that’s not all… Joey Mosca has started the process of “remastering” the movie so that, when he has finished, we will be able to release BLAMING GEORGE ROMERO: THE ULTIMATE EDITION.

It is still early days, so we do not have more information on how and when we will be releasing this version of the movie, but stay tuned to our various social media pages for updates.

And that is all for this Narrow Bridge Films Day. As always, if you enjoy what we do, please consider sharing our projects with your friends and families. Word of mouth and sharing are the best ways to help indie companies like ours.

See you at the movies!

Published by splatizky

Actor, Writer, Producer, & Dreamer from Bayonne, NJ.

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