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In April of 2016, we will begin production on our most ambitious (and best) feature film yet. Yellow Scare is a feature length World War II comedy with action scenes, musical numbers, and more.

The budget for this movie is going to be larger than anything we’ve ever attempted before, and to accomodate that, for the first time ever Narrow Bridge Films is looking for investors.

An investment of $5,000 or more will get you an Executive Producer credit and a percentage of all potential profits that the movie will make. Below, you will see a PDF of an Investment Proposal Brochure (designed by the amazingly talented Marinell Montales).

Take a look at the brochure, and consider a once-in-a-liftime opportunity. If you don’t have the money but know someone who does, then pass this on to them. Any person whose referral brings in an investor will receive an Associate Producer credit on the film.

The entire Yellow Scare team and I are confident that we are about to create an extraordinary and successful independent film. We hope you join us on this journey.

Yellow Scare Investment Proposal


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