A New Jersey Film Company


New Jersey gets a bad rep throughout the country and world… But to those people, I say, Narrow Bridge Films is a proud NJ Film Company, and if you don’t like it you can GTFO!

We are based in NJ. For the most part, we live in NJ. And we film in NJ. We always have. Because its easy, but also because we love New Jersey, and we love the people of New Jersey. Hell, I even have a NJ Tattoo!



Today, I got an email from the NJ Film Commission asking if we filmed Yellow Scare in NJ, and if so, where?

As I responded, I realized how many cities we actually shot in our 19 day film shoot.

  • Bayonne, NJ
  • Union City, NJ
  • Washington, NJ (07882)
  • Jersey City, NJ
  • Newark, NJ
  • Teterboro, NJ
  • Stanhope, NJ

And I realized that this was the most amount of cities we’ve ever shot in, and they were all amazing, and they were all in New Jersey.

So, filmmaker’s… If you’re looking for a great place to film, you could do a lot worse than the Garden State.

BONUS: Here is a quick shot of the first day of editing “Yellow Scare.” It has begun!


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Actor, Writer, Producer, & Dreamer from Bayonne, NJ.

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