NBF Updates for March 2017

Just realized that we haven’t posted an update since 2016! It has been a busy few months.

CABIN OF ERRORS: As you may realize, in November of 2016, Billy, Isaac, and I went to the American Film Market in Santa Monica with one goal in mind: Get distribution for “Summer Cabin.” In December of 2016, we found out that we succeeded. We had a lot of things to do to be 100% ready for distribution… And one of the things we did was change the title to “Cabin of Errors,” at the recommendation of the company we are working with. We also had Narrow Bridge hero Joey Mosca ready the audio files for distribution, which was no small task!

And speaking of “Cabin,” we just found out that we got into Chicago’s “Laugh or Die Film Festival” which is in May of this year. So, Chicago, we will see you soon!


YELLOW SCARE: We achieved picture lock for “Yellow Scare.” The movie now resides with Alex Gray (who will be doing color correction), Joey Mosca (our resident Angel of Audio), and Dan Granda (our composer). Here are some screen shots of Alex’s work:

Just looking at those beautiful shots gets me excited. I still can hardly believe that we were able to film in an actual plane.

CLICK SEND: In May, we will be filming another short by writer Isaac Platizky. “Click Send” is a short horror film that stars Megan Bussiere, Jenna Kildosher, Isaac Platizky, Sam Platizky,  Carlos Rivero, and Daniel Gregory as “the Killer.” It will be directed by Joey Mosca, Assistant Directed by William R. Farley,  and DP’d by Sami Saad.


click send

That is where we are as of the end of March 2017, and the best is yet to come.

Stay tuned!



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