“Laugh or Die!”

This past weekend “Cabin of Errors” (formerly known as “Summer Cabin”) was an official selection of the “Laugh or Die Comedy Festival” in Peoria, Illinois. 

Producers William R. Farley, Isaac Platizky, and Sam Platizky attended. 

We were nominated for “Best Writer” (Isaac Platizky), “Best Director” (Sean Feuer), and “Best Feature Film.” 

We are proud and excited to say that we won “Best Feature Film.” So much work went into this project, and we are so happy that everyone’s hard work has been recognized this way. 

While there, we were able to watch a number of great films, and meet some awesome fellow filmmakers including Shane Wallace and his wife Shanna Berry-Wallace of Alpine Start Productions, who were there with their nominated film “Mount Hopeless.” 

They were truly wonderful, and have a lot of great ideas in the works.

Thanks to everyone for their amazing support, and thanks to “Laugh or Die” for the great honor. 

Next stop for “Cabin?” The Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase in July!

Published by splatizky

Actor, Writer, Producer, & Dreamer from Bayonne, NJ.

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