Back from Gen Con 2018

Time moves WAY too quick. We are already home from the Gen Con Film Festival!

For those who don’t know, Gen Con is a massive gaming convention; mainly board-games but with some other games too. At some point, they started running a film festival connected to it. Our incredible master of audio, Joey Mosca, told us about the festival years ago as his films had gotten in for several years in a row. So, this year, we decided to submit both “Yellow Scare” and “Click Send” to the fest and both got in!

We had a great time… The con was a very different, but fun, convention experience for us. The film festival was really cool. The food trucks at the con were amazing. We even got to go to the (surprisingly great) Indianapolis Zoo & the (unsurprisingly unhealthy) Indiana State Fair.


Before any of our films screened, both Isaac & I participated on Gen Con Film Festival Panels.


Isaac appeared on the Pre-Production Panel, while I was on the Screenwriting Panel.


On Friday night, we had a SOLD OUT screening of “Click Send” in the Short Horror Block. The screening went really well, with a fantastic reaction from the audience.

On Saturday afternoon, we had the (not sold out) screening of “Yellow Scare.” The room may not have been packed, but we had even more people in attendance than we did in Fort Worth, and a great reaction from everyone who made it.

And just as quick as everything started, it was over.

But while we were away, we learned that both “Click Send” and “Yellow Scare” were accepted to the Golden Door International Film Festival in Jersey City.

The festival runs from Thursday, September 20th – Sunday, September 23rd. We have been a part of this festival since its inception in 2011, and we are excited and proud to be a part of it once again. It truly is one of favorite festivals to be a part of. As soon as the schedule is announced, we will let you know the whens and wheres.

Beyond that, we have plenty of other festivals that we are waiting to hear back from. Hopefully, there will be a lot more festivals to attend before the end of the year.


Til next time!

Sam Platizky, Founder

Narrow Bridge Films


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