The Golden Door

Our first film, Blaming George Romero, got into two festivals. One of those festivals was The Golden Door International Film Festival, which was in its first year.

It was a great fit. We’re (mostly) from Bayonne and here was a festival in Jersey City.

It was a good time and a good experience, so we entered it again when it was time for “Red Scare” the following year, and much to our surprise we screened at the historic Loews Theatre in Journal Square, the primary location for the festival. It was incredible to screen our movie in an actual movie palace.

After that, we were fortunate enough to screen both “Devil You Know” AND “Cabin of Errors” at the Loews.

The Golden Door IFF has been a great festival for us. Of all the festivals we’ve been to, it is our favorite, and we are so excited to be returning to the festival with not one, but TWO films. Click Send (time and location TBA) and “Yellow Scare!”

“Yellow Scare” has the tremendous honor of being a part of a RED CARPET EVENT on Saturday, September 22 starting at 5pm at the Loews. We will be preceded by a new short starring scream queen Brooke Lewis!

We hope to see as many NBF cast and crew members and fans as we can at this amazing event. What better way to experience “Yellow Scare” than with a red carpet event in a genuine movie palace?


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