Another Festival, Another Award!

So, this past weekend was the 1st annual Comedy World Network IFF in Las Vegas. It was actually the first acceptance “Yellow Scare” received, but….

…There was a little confusion re: if/when we actually were going to screen. First, there were mixed signals on whether or not the format I sent them would work, and then I didn’t hear back re: when the screening would be.

And then I did hear back, but then there was a change of venue and I didn’t know the new schedule. So, the weekend came and went, and I wasn’t sure what happened.

And then today I got a notification from FIlm Freeway that our status had changed to Award Winner. I emailed the Festival and asked what was up and they informed me that (a) they were sorry that I didn’t know the screening info, (b) our screening went very well, and (c) we won 2nd Place Best Feature FIlm.

So, that’s pretty cool. Another victory for the “Yellow Scare” fam. Another award for the eventual Narrow Bridge Office.

There are still 4 festivals we are waiting to hear from, but we are winding down on the “Yellow Scare” Festival run.

I’ve learned that it wasn’t a movie for everyone, but the people that liked it REALLY liked it. And that’s a great thing.

Next up, we’ll be looking for distribution for this lil WWII comedy. Hopefully, we get great distribution.

We’ll keep you informed.

Stay tuned,


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Actor, Writer, Producer, & Dreamer from Bayonne, NJ.

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