Artists Spotlight: Isaac Platizky

Next up in our Artist Spotlight is Isaac Platizky. Isaac is an actor, producer, and writer with NBF and has appeared in every single NBF project.


I’ve known you my whole life, but not everyone does, so tell the readers a little bit about you.
My name is Isaac Platizky. I’m an Actor, Writer, and Producer. I started acting in the eighth grade, and started writing with episode eight of our web series Lost and Found. I’ve since written eight short films, and one feature for NBF. I also have the distinct honor, and privilege of  being involved either in front of, or behind the camera in every single NBF project. Actually I think I’ve only not acted in one of our projects.
Actually, you have been in every single NBF project. Do you have a favorite project?
 I’ll probably always have a soft spot for Cabin of Errors. It was my first feature screenplay, and the journey from start to finish will make a fascinating story once I’m dead.
Favorite role?
Again I’ll always have a soft spot for Peter from Cabin of Errors. My most misunderstood character. But my favorite role is always the one I haven’t done yet.
You started as just an actor with NBF on our first film BGR. But by our webseries and 3rd feature, you became a writer and producer as well. Tell us about this transition.
I think it was a natural transition. It started with me just wanting to be more involved in the production whether that was reading the scripts, and giving notes, or just being on set more during Red Scare. I wanted to be a part of things. Then when you, Dan, and I broke down the second half of Lost and Found you invited me to write two of the episodes, and that really began my journey as a writer. I had never written a script before that.  After that it was just natural that I become more involved as a producer because I wanted to see my scripts became movies just like yours. I also didn’t want all of the pressure to fall on you, resulting in what I can only assume would have been a likely nervous breakdown where you destroyed all of  the hard drives, so I tried to take on as much as I could. Sometimes successfully, and sometimes not.
Actor, writer, producer. Which is your favorite? Which is your least favorite?
It depends on the day of the week honestly. Currently my favorite “job” is probably writer. I can write whenever I want. No audition, or casting required. My least favorite, and I think you’d agree with me on this is producer. It’s the most nerve wracking of the three jobs, because it’s all down to you scheduling actors and crew, finding locations, getting the money to pay for everything, etc , and no matter how many great people you have helping you, and we do have the best people helping us it’s always down to you in the end. That all being said I started as an actor, and as long as I’m writing scripts there will be a place in them for me. Unless I can get someone better.
You let your brother (me) produce the first two NBF features by himself. Now, knowing how difficult it is to produce a film, how sorry are you that you made him do this?
I am very sorry. I can’t possibly express how sorry I am. I mean you made it seem so fun, and stress free. That after the first feature you said and I quote “Never Again!” To be fair during BGR I was just trying to get some extra scenes written in.
What are your goals as an actor/writer? How do you view success as an artist?
My main goal as an actor/writer is to be able to quit my day job, and just create for a living. To make just enough money doing it to be comfortable, and  to be able to make the next movie, or web series, or TV show without worrying. For me that would be success.
Isaac as Wilson in the “Monster Mash” trailer/sizzle reel.
You get an offer of $10 million to work on one of your screenplays. What project do you do next?
That’s like asking me to choose my favorite child. It’s just not a fair choice. It’s like the Sophie’s choice of producing decisions. I have three feature screenplays ready to go right now. Monster Mash (a horror comedy in the vein of Monster Squad and Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein with the modern sensibilities of something like Hangover) Which we just actually filmed a sizzle reel for; You are Invited (A murder mystery Comedy); and A Chanukah Story ( Which is a Comedy set during Chanukah to stand along all of those Christmas movies). I would like to see them all filmed, and I think with that very generous $10 million dollars I believe I could get all three of them done. However if I had to choose just one right now I’d pick A Chanukah Story. There’s just nothing else like it out there a holiday comedy for Jews, that I think non-Jews would get a kick out of too.
Thank you in advance for correcting my grammar.
You are welcome.

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