Bergen International Film Festival of NJ


Well, looks like our last two features are coming back to NJ! Bergenfield, NJ to be exact. The site of our first ever film festival. (BGR had its first festival screening at the Bergenfield Film Festival in the same theatre.)


“Cabin of Errors” (the movie formerly known as “Summer Cabin”) will be playing at 6pm on Saturday, July 27th. The film is still listed as “Summer Cabin” on the festival schedule, so don’t get confused.


“Yellow Scare” will be playing on Friday, July 26th at 2:30pm.

The full schedule is below:


All movies will have an AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD, which basically means the movie with the biggest crowd will win. So, the bigger our crowds, the better our chances. Come out to support NBF!

Tickets are $12 for each showing and are available HERE.  


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