I’ll Tell You Something Good

In 2012, we had just wrapped production on our SECOND FEATURE. That is pretty much unheard of for a production company as small as ours, but we did it. Next up, we had a season of a webseries planned, but between the 2nd feature and that we wanted a break. We didn’t want to stop making things, but we did want to do smaller things.

And so, Dan Gregory and I started writing shorts that we could film in 1-3 days with minimal casts and crews. (After these inaugural shorts, Isaac would lap us several times over in the amount of shorts he wrote and we produced, but in the beginning Dan & I were the first short writers.) I wrote a short existential comedy called “Toilet Prayers” and Dan wrote two shorts: a dark comedy called “Tell Me Something Good” and a (I don’t know how to classify it) short called “The Dare.”

We filmed “Toilet Prayers” and “Tell Me Something Good” in April of 2012. The plan was to just release these things to YouTube to help build our fanbase and show that we were still working. I don’t know why we never really planned to submit to festivals… Probably to save money.

Anyway, the director of “Tell Me Something Good” (Sean Feuer) had finished most of a cut of the short, but before he could finish, the hard-drive that the movie was on was stolen from his car! Months passed. We thought that we didn’t back it up… But we did. I had a backup, and told Sean whenever he wanted to start over, he could.

More time passed. We got heavily involved with our webseries “Lost and Found.” Then, in January of 2015, I set several goals for myself: FINISH ALL THE PROJECTS THAT WE HADN’T FINISHED. So, I finished “Lost & Found.” I finished “Devil You Know” (which we filmed the summer before. And I finished “Tell Me Something Good.” “Devil You Know” became the first short that we would send out to a bunch of festivals… L&F and TMSG were put up on YouTube. And that was that.

Until late 2018 or early 2019, when Dan decided that he wanted to start submitting TMSG to festivals. This short that we filmed in 2012 and finished in 2015 would now get a festival run.


And so it has. It has been an Official Selection at the Brightside Film Festival (Spring 2019) where Dan won a “Rising Star Award” for it, the Point Lookout Film Festival where it won “Best Concept,” and will soon play at the Northern Horror Fest in Bergenfield and the Cutting Room International Short Film Festival in NYC.

Last night it played at the Grove Film Festival (its second screening at the Brightside Tavern), and we came out to support and represent!


And, as luck would have it, we were there as Dan won Best Actor!


Started in 2012. Finished in 2015. Finally getting its due in 2019. Just goes to show you that persistence is key. Never give up.

Congratulations to the cast & crew for getting this film made and for all the success it has enjoyed so far. And congratulations to its writer Dan Gregory on his first-ever BEST ACTOR award. Well deserved. And thank you for remaining a part of the Narrow Bridge Family since Day 1, through all its ups and downs.

TMSG can next be seen in BLOCK 5 at the Northern Horror Fest in Bergenfield, NJ on Thursday, July 18th.


-Sam Platizky, Founder

Narrow Bridge Films

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Actor, Writer, Producer, & Dreamer from Bayonne, NJ.

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