Artist Spotlight: Maglinda Perez

Next up is NBF’s Head of Production Design, Maglinda (Maggie) Perez, a title that she earned from helping with set dressing Cabin of Errors in one scene to co-Production Designing Yellow Scare to become our first head of that department. Give our readers a breakdown of how you want from an actress in Lost andContinue reading “Artist Spotlight: Maglinda Perez”

Artists Spotlight: Isaac Platizky

Next up in our Artist Spotlight is Isaac Platizky. Isaac is an actor, producer, and writer with NBF and has appeared in every single NBF project. I’ve known you my whole life, but not everyone does, so tell the readers a little bit about you. My name is Isaac Platizky. I’m an Actor, Writer, andContinue reading “Artists Spotlight: Isaac Platizky”

Artist Spotlight: #DanielMichaelGregory

Our next Artist Spotlight is Actor/Writer Dan Gregory. Dan has been with NBF since Day 1 and has appeared in all but one of our projects (Rex Steel & the PC Officer). Last September, he won Best Supporting Actor at the GDIFF for his work in Yellow Scare, and recently came away with a RisingContinue reading “Artist Spotlight: #DanielMichaelGregory”

Artist Spotlight: Megan Bussiere

We have so many talented artists working with us. We thought we would take some time to spotlight them and talk about who they are and what they’re doing. First up is the amazing and talented Writer/Actress Megan Bussiere. Megan has been acting with NBF since 2011 and has been in 2 features with us,Continue reading “Artist Spotlight: Megan Bussiere”

We Did the Mash

Oy. Last weekend was intense! In three days, we filmed the sizzle reel/trailer for “Monster Mash;” a horror-comedy written by Isaac Platizky (Cabin of Errors). “Monster Mash” is Narrow Bridge’s first crack at the classic monsters of cinema: Dracula, the Wolfman, Frankenstein, the Mummy, ghosts, zombies, etc. I’ve been pitching it as “Hangover” meets “MonsterContinue reading “We Did the Mash”