The Official “Yellow Scare” Poster!

In 2012, I commissioned artist Steven Defendini (who would go on to become the “Yellow Scare” Production Designer) to paint a poster for “Red Scare.” I gave him a copy of the movie and stills for him to use as reference, and he turned in this beauty.


Then, in 2015, as we were getting ready to begin crowdfunding “Yellow Scare,” I commissioned him to make one for “Yellow Scare.” Only this time, we didn’t have a single scene filmed or any stills. All we had were some of the cast! Even still, Steve did a kickass job and gave me this.


A great painting… But there came to be problems… Andrew Darling (bottom left) had to leave the movie due to scheduling concerns, Dan’s character wound up not having a beard, Billy’s character (bottom right) wound up being bald, and Joey’s character (top right) didn’t have a goatee!

After we finished a few cuts of the film, I asked Steve if he could update the poster, and he said that he would. And he did! He replaced Andrew with Dante Sterling’s character Heinrich, and made the requested changes to the rest of the cast.

Then, the amazing Sami Saad (who was awesome on the “Yellow Scare” crew and has wound up directing and DP’ing several NBF projects since) came in and took the revised painting and turned it into a proper poster that you see here.


Yellow Scare poster4

And there you have it. The “Yellow Scare” poster. The same poster that will be on the souvenir program that you will receive if you attend our October 25th screening.

Get your tickets here:

We are 1/2 sold out, so if you want to get your ticket, please do it ASAP. There’s no guarantee that tickets will be available at the door, and if there are, they will be $20 rather than $18.

As a reminder, here is what you will get with your ticket purchase:

  • At 7pm, enter to the acoustic stylings of Max Arias Jr.
  • You will get 1 raffle ticket and the aforementioned souvenir program.
  • After a short introduction at 7:30pm, we will start with a commercial and some trailers for projects that were made by Narrow Bridge and friends.
  • A short film, “In the Blood,” by Narrow Bridge Sound Jesus Joey Mosca.
  • The first (and last) ever test screening of “Yellow Scare!”
  • A Q&A with the cast and crew.
  • A raffle drawing for movie props and memorabilia.

Get yours while they last!




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