Artist Spotlight: Megan Bussiere

We have so many talented artists working with us. We thought we would take some time to spotlight them and talk about who they are and what they’re doing. First up is the amazing and talented Writer/Actress Megan Bussiere. Megan has been acting with NBF since 2011 and has been in 2 features with us,Continue reading “Artist Spotlight: Megan Bussiere”

We Did the Mash

Oy. Last weekend was intense! In three days, we filmed the sizzle reel/trailer for “Monster Mash;” a horror-comedy written by Isaac Platizky (Cabin of Errors). “Monster Mash” is Narrow Bridge’s first crack at the classic monsters of cinema: Dracula, the Wolfman, Frankenstein, the Mummy, ghosts, zombies, etc. I’ve been pitching it as “Hangover” meets “MonsterContinue reading “We Did the Mash”

Another Festival, Another Award!

So, this past weekend was the 1st annual Comedy World Network IFF in Las Vegas. It was actually the first acceptance “Yellow Scare” received, but…. …There was a little confusion re: if/when we actually were going to screen. First, there were mixed signals on whether or not the format I sent them would work, andContinue reading “Another Festival, Another Award!”