Comic Book Fans United

We focus mainly on our film work, but Narrow Bridge Films also works with the Facebook Group/Page Comic Book Fans United. CBFU features a weekly comic book themed video podcast as well as a weekly comic book review show called “From the Shop” (see above), which is filmed at Manifest Comics in Bayonne, NJ. HereContinue reading “Comic Book Fans United”

Indie Films at Bayonne Bar

   On Saturday, February 6th, Digiorgio’s Tavern (990 Broadway, Bayonne, NJ)will be hosting a viewing of two Narrow Bridge Film shorts (Tell Me Something Good and the award winning Devil You Know) and two shorts by our friends at Maniac Films (Congratulations and Bill).  This is an RSVP only event so please RSVP to GlennContinue reading “Indie Films at Bayonne Bar”

2016: Our Biggest Year Yet

   Another year in the books. 2015 was a pretty big year for Narrow Bridge Films.  We finally shared “Lost & Found,” “Tell Me Something Good,” and “Devil You Know” with the world. We had a pretty good indiegogo campaign for “Yellow Scare” and released “Rex Steel and the PC Officer.” We got into someContinue reading “2016: Our Biggest Year Yet”

Meet our New Heinrich: Dante Sterling

Meet Dante Sterling, the all new Heinrich of Yellow Scare. The original actor cast as Heinrich, Loren Christopher, had to pull out of the production because of health issues. We are all sad to see the amazing and talented Loren go, but we wish him all the best and a speedy recovery. But as one doorContinue reading “Meet our New Heinrich: Dante Sterling”

Yellow Scare Costumes

Though no secret to us at Narrow Bridge Films, the woman who will be designing and creating the costumes for Yellow Scare will be costume designer and actress Tinea Abdallah. Tinea may be known for her roles in Red Scare and Lost and Found, but she was also the costume designer for Red Scare, for which she was nominated for  the “BestContinue reading “Yellow Scare Costumes”

Yellow Scare Welcomes Bill Sorvino 

   We are very excited to welcome Bill Sorvino into  the Narrow Bridge Films family. Bill will be playing the role of Benito Mussolini in the upcoming feature film: Yellow Scare.  Bill is an award winning actor for his work in the film “Maniac.” He can be seen in the upcoming “Mommy’s Box” and “Who’sContinue reading “Yellow Scare Welcomes Bill Sorvino “

Invest in an Independent Film

In April of 2016, we will begin production on our most ambitious (and best) feature film yet. Yellow Scare is a feature length World War II comedy with action scenes, musical numbers, and more. The budget for this movie is going to be larger than anything we’ve ever attempted before, and to accomodate that, for theContinue reading “Invest in an Independent Film”